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Slowpalace drops another brand new remix of an old school favorite. Using his unique sound, this “Fakin It” flip is an update we need, but do not deserve.

Judd Munoz, the San Fernando Valley born producer behind Slowpalace, is always thinking up new ways to impress us. He makes music depending on the mood he’s in. This, consequently, results in a wide range of art that’s hard to box into simply one genre.

Typically, Judd likes aggressive bass and mellow melodies. This style is displayed perfectly on tracks such as “Synesthesia,” and “Crystal Clear.” He has an admirable way of blending two seemingly opposite genres into something fun, distinctive, and pleasant on the ears. Loving Judd is a job requirement over here at Electric Hawk HQ. We had him on Electric Hawk radio for a guest mix back in January and we’re still recovering.

But before we start drooling, let’s get to the matter at hand; this AMAZING remix. “Fakin It” is a house banger released almost four years ago by Kaskade and Felix Cartal. The song peaked at #26 on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Chart back in 2016, and somehow, Slowpalace made it even better.

He starts by filtering the vocals into a deeper tone. The ambiance overall is much darker than the original song. Utilizing horns and some experimental sampling, Munoz fills the spaces in the intro. Judd breathes life into this track at the drop with plenty of bass and more drums to give it that future bass flavor.

Stream the “Fakin It” remix by Slowpalace below, and support your favorite creatives:

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