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The ingenious Common Creation marks his return to the WAKAAN label with a dreamy new release, Oblique Obelisk. This four-track EP is nothing short of a nostalgic voyage through kaleidoscope beats and soulful basslines.

Hailing from Atlanta, Common Creation is a multi-instrumentalist and producer who has proven his versatility time and time again. His passion for psychedelic rock fuses with electronica to create iridescent soundscapes that cannot be imitated. Many acclaimed record labels, such as Gramatik’s Lowtemp and Clozee‘s Odyzey label, have showcased some of Common Creation’s best work. Likewise, his previous release, “Sonic Sugar,” is featured on SSKWAN‘s compilation SYNERGY. Not only has CC’s celestial melodies won over these labels, but also the hearts of crowds across the country. His music’s range of genres makes for an impressive performance, whether he’s a supporting act or a headliner. Above all, Common Creation continuously delivers a vivid perspective on bass music, and his Oblique Obelisk EP is another breath of fresh air.

Oblique Obelisk is both blissful and rebellious all at the same time.

The EP begins with “Opaque Octopus” and its otherworldly introduction; drift along the airy melody until the glitching rhythm takes over. Then piercing beats erupt and capture our attention from start to finish.

Secondly is a funky bass-heavy track, “Cursed Casino. This one is a favorite that embodies the classic Common Creation sound. For example, it’s giving jam band vibes infused with experimental bass, and the result is awesome.

After that, “Ghost Grass” recalibrates the tempo. Wild accents and kicking drums effortlessly mesh together in this energetic song. It’ll undoubtedly be impossible not to dance along.

Lastly, “Imperial Isotope” is the perfect piece to wrap up the Oblique Obelisk EP. The anticipation builds as the steady cadence trickles onward. It’s soothing yet hard-hitting; the best of both worlds!

press photo of Common Creation
Photo by Lane

“‘Oblique Obelisk’ is my 8th body of work and consists of what I consider my best music to date. My goal with this EP was to meld organic instrumental soundscapes with neuro-based electronic production to create something that is both natural and digital, historical and futuristic. […] it presents a fully immersive 30-minute journey and the next milestone for this project.”

– Common Creation

Whether it’s your first time listening to Common Creation or not, this latest release is refreshing. On top of that, there’s a complete set of custom visualizers for the EP, which can be found on WAKAAN’s YouTube. Overall Oblique Obelisk is a gem of a project, and we’re excited to see what’s next from our Electric Hawk fam!

Indulge in the Oblique Obelisk EP by Common Creation below!

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