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Step into the world of psychedelic rock fused with electronic music with Common Creation. His newest Manufactured Moments EP captures soundscapes that will transport you to another world.

The best way to describe it is like floating through another dimension of new sounds. Manufactured Moments is an “exploration of both experimental dubstep and antiquated instrumental sound”. Common Creation has brought just that to the table.

“Electro Rhapsody” opens the EP on a high note. Then, “Conflicted Computer” comes in and takes us down a totally different road. “Conflicted Computer” teeters on combining funk elements. With the song’s heavy experimental bass, smooth melody playing underneath, the heavy bassline, and its perfectly intertwined short vocals.

He says,

“One of the main inspirations I had when creating it was the parallels I see between the late 60’s era of protest rock and modern day festival culture — people coming together over music and peace in spite of a volatile political climate.

With that in mind, I ended up with four tracks that I felt perfectly captured the vibe of a counter-culture era psych-rock concert reimagined in the context of a modern dubstep performance.”

-Chris of Common Creation

“Candlelight” introduces more psychedelic rock to the EP.

Featuring guitar riffs accentuated with light beats, this track is the perfect break from the bass of the rest of the album.“Late Summer Night” brings us into the perfect summer setting and rounds out the EP.  With crickets chirping underneath the downtempo beats of this track, we feel like we’re right back in Electric Forest. Light vocals also add to the overall feel of the track.

“When writing Manufactured Moments I set out with a clear plan to explore the psychedelic bass sound I have been refining over my past releases. I wanted to create a work that i felt was both musically diverse and emotionally consistent.”

Common Creation “weaves classic funk and soulful track with modern electronic beats” to create a new kind of electronic music sound.

This new EP pushes the envelope in the bass music realm like we’ve never seen before. We can’t wait to see what is next. For now, we will be keeping this on repeat.

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