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Get in loser, we are going to party with Fei-Fei as we jam along to her latest single “I AM DRUGS” released on January 27th through her own imprint PUSSY POP. Fei-Fei fractures through expectations and delivers a stimulating track that raises the temperature in the room. Don’t hesitate; allow the bad decisions to happen with Fei-Fei and “I AM DRUGS” tonight or anytime. And before you leave the party, check out our exclusive interview with the mastermind herself!

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“It revels in the precarious moment you’re about to make a very very bad decision— the ‘oh shit’ moment right before you go tumbling down the rabbit hole… and it’s about to get real. But don’t worry, it’s like a fun fever. And there’s only one thing to do…”


Fei-Fei urges us to forget about the consequences for just one night

“Get in loser, we’re going to party..” immediately sends us on a fearless adventure into the night. With no chance to contemplate what is happening, this is a no questions asked situation as we cruise down the pavement. While in the background, the thundering bass vibrates through the speakers in the backseat as we continue to accelerate through the city lights. Through the rear-view mirror, we see the stare of Fei-Fei ensuring us that this is going to be a night won’t forget. “I AM DRUGS” unleashes the raw emotions we tend to keep dormant in our bodies but for the night Fei-Fei simply asks if we are “open to new things” through the underground atmosphere.

Through the constant stresses of everyday life, Fei-Fei reminds us of the simple idea of “being free and having fun” with her single. Nevertheless, the single becomes a late-night anthem that breaks the barrier of all expectations for what is about to happen tonight. No matter the situation, the track crafts this energetic mood for everyone. The only option is to keep moving and sweat the bullsh*t away. Fei-Fei truly allows the audience to escape into their own world without any judgment and dive into the realm of feeling like themselves.

Fei-Fei Press 2

seradopa(Electric Hawk): “I AM DRUGS” gives us that rabbit hole experience of letting go for a brief moment and releasing all expectations. In a sense, this track becomes an anthem that is a “f*ck others opinions, let’s just have fun tonight”. How does this resonate with you in trying to break the mold of expectations that are set within the music industry?

Fei-Fei: Have fun. Make music that you love. Be a good person. Fuck genre purists and don’t lose yourself in the industry. Dance music should be fun and liberating. 

sd: How important do you think is it for others to stop being this idea of ‘perfect’ and make ‘bad decisions’ without worries?

Fei-Fei: My life motto is, “never hesitate.” I dive headfirst into my art. If I even for a second stop and question myself, I’ll lose it. Overthinking is death. The same applies to life. Be yourself. Life’s too short to worry about what anyone else thinks. Just go for it!


sd: This single along with your past two from last year drive this very 90s rave influence – what have been the influences of recreating this euphoric experience in your tracks?

Fei-Fei: This is me reuniting with my first love. I discovered dance music in the late ’90s/early 2000s. I feel lucky I got to be a part of that, in the midwest, during the underground era. It was special. I danced through so many sleepless nights until the sun came up—in abandoned warehouses, dark forests, barns in the middle of nowhere, roller rinks, and haunted laser tag arenas. I’ll never forget all the music I experienced. It became a part of me. 

I’m contacting that part of myself and bringing it back my way. I’m a hedonic utilitarian. I think we can all use more euphoria in our lives. 

sd: It’s definitely hard to fully pinpoint the exact genre of your music. This track alone has the roots of techno and classic punk vibes. Is this your way of showing others that you personally don’t like being placed into a singular box and everyone should just be expecting a surprise with whatever you have to offer?

Fei-Fei: No. This is just who I am. I don’t think about being different. This is just me. It’s what comes out of me. I’m taking the weird and different things I love and combining them in strange ways, making new sounds that addict me. I’m making music that I’m obsessed with.

sd: What was the main inspiration for the cheeky but overall extremely catchy lyrics throughout the track? I seriously couldn’t stop mouthing and repeating the words after the song was over!

Fei-Fei: It’s the soundtrack to the night you’ll never forget!

sd: You’ve been a part of the industry for some time, what do you believe has been changing for the better and what do you believe needs to be improved/changed immediately?

Fei-Fei: I’m stoked to see more femme artists and producers making their own music. Like actually making their own music. UGH. But there’s such a long way to go. The industry needs to get its shit together, practice what they preach and book more femme artists in their lineups, hire more femme engineers and producers in their sessions, and also equal pay! Why is that so hard to understand? It’s so basic!

sd: Through your own music and your PUSSY POP imprint that bring strong femme energy, have you personally seen the impacts it’s been making for yourself or even the small courage it has been bringing to others?

Fei-Fei: We can do it. Be the change you want to see and inspire others to follow. Support and elevate other femme artists in your community. I care about encouraging others to write, produce, and engineer their own music. But don’t just say it, DO IT. Every small effort makes a difference—help get others booked, refer people to work together, go to shows that are doing something different, and support your community. When I was first coming up, everyone had this scarcity mindset, like “watch out, so-and-so’s coming to take your spot” as if there could only be one woman or one Asian DJ or producer. I hate that. I want an army of us out here screaming and kicking down the doors. We’re coming for you. 

Let bad decisions happen while listening to Fei-Fei’s latest single “I AM DRUGS” now!

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