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SSKWAN transmits a healing pathway with their SYNERGY compilation, packed with meditative elements, dreamy melodies, and flowing bass lines. This deep and wondrous adventure features the synergy of several artists, each bringing their own frequencies to your new awakening. From bright and glitch-y, to dark and warp-y, this compilation covers all your bases for spiritual transformation.

SSKWAN defines SYNERGY with a diverse genre line-up

SYNERGY features the SSKWAN leader, Liquid Stranger, and some of our past favorites like Super Future and Sharlitz Web. The compilation combines unique production styles into a mood-altering experience, pushing the boundaries of electronic downtempo. SYNERGY’s healing soundscapes incorporate experimental glitch, airy dream tempo, and even a flare of electro-funk.

“the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

Oxford Languages definition of “Synergy”

Ease into your heart center with SYNERGY via Ujuu‘s freeing vibrations, Ghost Creek‘s smooth vocals, and Dillard‘s romantic bass lines. On this journey, ALIGN brightly awakens the subconscious as we meditatively flow with Redrum and daydream with Mousai and Blookah‘s experimental dreamtempo. We also experience the womp-y bass line of Canabliss and the thumping rhythm provided by Illoh X UNKNWN. Common Creation and Tripp St take us on a funky journey through the solar system as we become extra-terrestrial with Shlump’s alien dubstep. Cruise on immersive waves with Ravenscoon and Sidecar Tommy. Glide through Jaenga‘s dark, melodic “Atmosphere,” and travel through LUZCID‘s inner-galactic, “Digital Dojo.” Let’s not forget, the spoonful of retro-synth “Syrup” from Champagne Drip for a dose of nostalgia along the way.

Experience the SYNERGY

It’s no surprise SSKWAN’s SYNERGY compilation is packed with diversity. The electronic downtempo label has held true to its healing roots, connecting its community to a wide range of artists since their 2020 debut LP by Au5. Experience the SYNERGY for yourself, available now on all platforms.

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