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There’s raw, undeniable talent, and then there’s Super Future. We’re not just hyping him up because he’s one of Electric Hawk’s very own. The music he makes seriously can’t go without being shared with the world, and this Super Future “Rekt” remix is no different.

On Soundcloud, he tells us about what it was like to work on the track,

The amazing @lsdream_music and @kayohofficial have blessed me with the opportunity to (unofficially) remix one of my FAVORITE songs of 2019, “REKT”! I’m grateful to have had a chance to do this, and I’m really very proud of how this turned out… very hard to beat the original (link below from Wakaan), but I put some real sound design to the test and did my best 🙂

Nick Rowland, Super Future

With all said and done, we’re not surprised these beloved bass artists allowed the talented Super Future to rework their song. He uses bouncy synths, gun cocks, and the popular “hey” chanting we would normally hear in trap tracks.

The way Super Future seamlessly blends sounds into something so hypnotizing never ceases to amaze us. We think you’ll love it too. He brings a new approach all the while keeping LSDream and Kayoh‘s spirit of the song.

Listen to the Super Future “Rekt” Remix here:

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