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Yes, the holidays are looming and the winter weather is forcing you to drink your coffee hot instead of iced, but one listen to “Backfire” from Deep Chills and vocalist Not Famous will bring you back to a tropical state of mind.

The vibey pop-trop track explores the quintessential tropical house groove that the Italian producer Deep Chills is markedly known for. It provides an undeniably perfect accentuating backdrop to LA’s Not Famous, his voice a natural fit. Gianmaria Sanna, the man behind the Deep Chills project, borrows inspiration from tropical trailblazers Matoma and Naxxos to give us a vibrant reminder that there certainly are palm trees out there somewhere.

Backfire Lyric Video – Deep Chills ft. Not Famous

Before Backfire, there was TikTok

The tropical track is, in short, a spiritual successor to Sanna’s viral hit “Run Free”. The phrase ‘global hit’ here is by and large a vast understatement. Millions of streams on Spotify and YouTube aside, albeit that alone is impressive, the track amassed an astonishing 10 billion (yes, billion) views on popular social media app, TikTok, reaching #5 on the app’s global music charts.

While catchy on its own, this growth was due to a viral hashtag challenge that circulated the app: #shoechange. In addition to playing the song, Zoomers (Gen Z) show off their cool fits, using their shoes as a transitional element in the videos.

Backfire” is both a nod to its vibrant predecessor and a definitive step forward for Deep Chills. You can without a doubt expect more of his pop-infused, tropical deep house in 2020.

Listen to “Backfire” with Deep Chills and Not Famous, out now via ATLAST, below. Although it won’t melt any snow, it’ll at least give you an excuse to order that iced coffee.

Backfire – Deep Chills ft. Not Famous

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