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Enter another dimension of wubs and wonder with LSDream & Shlump‘s new collaborative 4-track EP, “Universal Wub.”

A testament to Wakaan’s standing reputation of freeform bass, this EP is truly out of the world.

Starting the EP with self-titled “Universal Wub,” there’s an ominous tone set by female vocals saying, “unlock the secrets of the universe.” The eerie notes of an arghul (an Arabic reed instrument) hum through the background. The sound puts me in the middle of a vast Egyptian desert when listening to it. The track is filled with LSDream’s iconic instrumental sounds that harmonizes into a deeper, heavier Shlump-bass sound we all know and love. A great beginning to a wondrous EP.

The second track, “Organism,” is what you would imagine when the first life was forming in the universe, teeming with life and sound. It’s constructed of dissonant harmony that builds up to the deep signature wubs these two are known for. The track eventually mellows out in a soft instrumental tone that leaves the listener in a state of bliss.

This state of bliss is quickly followed up with “R.A.V.E.” The acronym stands for “Radical Audio Visual Experience,” which is no surprise if you’ve ever seen LSDream or Shlump live. The frenetic synths and wonky sounds join together to give the listener taste of how they hear the world. What makes this track so special is the message of love, kindness, and unity at the end.

The duo ends the cosmic journey with “STARCHILD,” a funky broken-beat track with vocals from the talented Sarah Hudson. This track wastes no time diving into a drop that sends the listener into a serene contrast of soundscapes. The heavy bass, soft instrumentals, and vocals will have this song on repeat for many listeners.

Catch LSDream & Shlump on tour if you really are trying to get weird and wonky, but also enlightened. Their energetic stage presence and mind-bending visual production is something that can’t be replicated.

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