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Super Future and Wreckno are an immense forced to be reckoned with in the same vicinity together. Fortunately for lots of fans this year, they’ve got the chance to see them on their ongoing tour for their recent smash collaborative EP, ‘Hypernatural‘.

Nick Rowland (Super Future, and Wreckno (Brandon Wisniski) have been two of our favorite journeys to follow in 2019. They’ve worked tirelessly to build themselves and their sound. Now in 2020, these two minds’ journeys have crossed paths to deliver an experience that is like no other.

Luckily, the Electric Hawk Team sat down with them recently. We got the chance to interview them both on their story, the EP, what they’ve learned, and more.

Super Future and Wreckno
Captured by Pictoriousimagery

Electric Hawk: Congrats on the Hypernatural EP! What was your favorite track to work on and what was the best part about working with each other?

Super Future: Thank you very much! I get so caught in a loop when it comes to thinking about a favorite because each one of the tracks has a part of our soul in them… but personally I am a LARGE fan of how “Hypernatural” the title track came out. I wanted to make a statement in sound. I’m at the point in my production where I’m hellbent on finding that unmistakable “Super Future sound.” I want people to immediately know it’s me when they hear it. That tonal ringing noise in the drop is definitely one of those sounds. Not to mention how fun the track became, stemming from our initial inspiration to make this whole EP sound like bass music threw a god damn project X party!

“Hypernatural” is a Super Future statement that shows you a lot of our combined personality, especially with the lyrical hook “I know you like that heavy shit” in there to actually tell you “Hello! Welcome to our fucking party, bitch!” The best part about working together is that we actually are great friends inside and outside of the music so things flow extremely naturally… hypernaturally…? I could go on and on about how great it’s been haha.

Wreckno: Thank you guys for doing this interview with us first off! You know we love the EH Family so much! It is kind of hard for me to just choose one track that was my favorite, because working with Nick is honestly such a blessing. I’m going to choose all of them, because Nick allowed me to do exactly what I wanted to vocally on each one. As someone who got into music to perform, getting to finally have these tracks with my voice and vocals being a centerpiece meant the world to me. The best part of working with Nick is definitely that freedom to bounce weird and unique ideas off each other while still both wanting to have an awesome outcome for each track. I am confident in saying we did that with each one on this EP!

Originally, how did you two meet? What was the moment you both mutually decided, “Let’s make this a Super Future and Wreckno EP”? Did one collab lead to another or was the idea already there before the first song was made?

Super Future: We met over the phone a year ago to vent about industry woes that most people have to figure out on the way up, I think it was the show booking process and how that process of dealing with talent buyers can be painstaking if you aren’t given any real guidance. I feel like we each had our own problem we needed help solving and so I was like… “I can’t fit this in a DM can I just call you lol”. That call lead to me finding out more about Brandon’s recent success hot off of Deja Voom, so he serendipitously filled in for my friend MeSo in Grand Rapids where I live, so I got to see him play for my first time…

Needless to say I was hooked by his set because of how fun and sassy it made me feel (many can relate lol), and honestly I felt understood as a DJ by someone else for the first time since he plays a similar sound and set to what I was going for. It’s impossible to recreate a Wreckno vibe as a DJ though he’s one of a kind. So then I went to work in the studio, highly inspired….

Wreckno: Yeah initially it was a long call through facebook messenger, with Nick kinda giving me some much needed advice. I was just starting to take bookings in a more serious way and that sh*t can be CONFUSING. I think we clicked pretty fast over the phone but then when he saw me play in Grand Rapids he was like, “I don’t care where you’re at with production, we should work together,”  which for me was a big deal. So I think maybe 2-3 nights later he sent me the demo for “Bout Me.” Shortly after that “Signal” came and then as more time passed the working relationship got stronger…..and now we’ve got this banging ass EP to show for it. I am so proud!!!!

What was the inspiration behind this EP and some of the tracks on it? The production is on an entirely different level and there is literally nothing like this – but did you guys have something in mind for a feel you were going for?

Wreckno: It means so much that this EP is being perceived as unique and special to others and not just ourselves. I felt like we had something special but hearing that kind of praise on something we both worked our asses off to make shine is just amazing. I knew we both wanted to showcase that sassy/hip hop vibe, while still keeping it fresh, futuristic, and full of bass.

Personally, I knew I wanted to have somewhat of a “Wreckno’s Coming Out Party” (even though I’ve been out since I was 14, haaaaay) with showcasing my vocals for the first time. I have been writing lyrics for a very long time but haven’t had the right partner to match some of the energy that I can bring with my style of queer rap…. I think with Nick it just works.

Super Future: First of all, thank you so much. That compliment of “there is nothing like this” is one of the greatest compliments you can give a producer these days. As far as inspiration… the idea evolved over time. As we were coming up with the titles and tour name, “Hypernatural” had a sick ring to it, but we even went so far as to give that new word a definition that fit us and what we stand for – “the highest degree of expressing one’s natural self, in whatever form one chooses” That felt real.

When it comes to the inspiration behind the production, I was honestly inspired by Wreckno’s sets and edits. We wanted to incorporate a generally fun and sassy bass sound that shows a new side of bass music—One that incorporates hype lyrics, immersive original noises, melodies, hard beats, and just those moments where you hear something so dope you can’t help but think of your favorite times getting down with your crew at a festival! The best part is I feel like we totally hit the mark and it all flowed so naturally!

How long has this project been in the making?

Super Future: I think I first sent the beat to “Bout Me” over to him in like March or April 2019, but I know Brandon’s lyrics he used go back much much further than this…

Wreckno: I wrote the rap for Signal when I was 16. I’ve rapped it at house parties, campsites at music fests, and several other random places for LITERAL YEARS. That rap was something I needed to express as a very confused, angry, young queer kid living in rural Michigan and it was the first thing I ever wrote that I was just like…..”DAMN B*TCH. You really have the potential to be the badass you know you are in your heart.”

Now I’m 24 and it is finally being showcased on a track that is SO FIRE. “Signal” is probably my favorite song off the EP because of this Lil backstory. So yeah technically the EP has been in the works since last April, but I’ve been plotting this shit since sophomore year. 

What were some obstacles or struggles you faced during this if any?

Wreckno: For me personally this last year (since Deja Voom) has been a beautiful struggle. Grinding and saying yes to gigs where you’re getting paid in handshakes and hugs, because you know it could lead to more eventually. Saying yes to things that end up being absolute sh*t shows…’s just all a learning experience. There is no book on how to do all of this properly, so you learn as you go.

Sometimes I get hella overwhelmed because you never know if you’re making the right move….I’m very happy to say that this was more than just the right move. It was crucial…. But yes. It’s truly been a learning experience for everyone involved. Definitely a very DIY vibe from top to bottom, tour and EP included. Gotta give the shoutout to our Kyles at Mean Mug and Eclectic Imprint, because they’re the real heroes for making this tour happen.

Super Future: To be honest with you, I think building the tour from the ground up was the hard part about all of this. (I literally just 4 people who have never done it before making it happen. So shoutout to the Kyles at Eclectic Imprint & Mean Mug!) The EP happened very smoothly, but doing a tour DIY-style has been a major, valuable learning experience. I’m just thankful people are excited to come out to these shows through the ice and snow to fill a room and have fun with us!

Captured by gxbbi

“Lip Gloss” by Lil Mama is definitely an iconic song, and we’re so glad you chose to sample it in this EP. Why did you choose this song from any other powerful woman anthem? 

Wreckno: I’m pretty sure Nick heard this mashup I had been rinsing of it the first time he saw me play and the inspiration stemmed from there. Once we got in the studio together and realized we could pull from it with my own voice layered on top of it, it was just a no brainer. Plus it’s like….the bad bitch energy that exudes from “WHATCHU KNOW BOUT ME?” is truly untouchable. Try and tell me that shit don’t sound hot…you can’t!

Captured by Strayaways

If there’s one thing we can say, you two are some of the best dressed in the bass community. From Super Future wearing silk snake print shirts and Wreckno’s super short shorts to both of you wearing fur coats and sunglasses at night—You really know how to take risks! Where do you shop so that we can all swaggerjack like you?

Wreckno: I’m a thiccccc bitch so I shop ASOS and Fashion Nova for all mens XXL fashion. Marek Richard and Lockwood51 are the best queer brands out there right now as well, love their stuff. Thrifting is always a good way to find unique things too! You can try to  swaggerjack us honey but you can’t teach taste. *insert painted fingernails emoji*

Super Future: ASOS ALL DAY! And I definitely jack those fur coats from my wifey Ellie who really has the fierce and eclectic female wardrobe hahah. Those plus a few well-placed instagram ads have gotten me a few times honestly. Besides that I’m always looking to build on my iridescent aesthetic for Super Future from wherever things like that may exist!

Super Future and Wreckno
Captured by eddywhitaker

What stop are you most excited about playing on the Hypernatural Tour? And what is your “I know I’ve made it” dream venue, if you haven’t already played it? Can you let us know one of your favorite moments from the tour so far?

Super Future: For the record, I want to say that ALL tour stops and venues have been unbelievably rewarding and fun. All of the different types of people and cultures we have had come to enjoy what we do. However, I have been staring at Blackbox (Denver) event posters online. I’m trying to magically make my name appear on them for years.

I’m so thankful we get to go back to Denver coming off a sold-out show. We were both at in that city back around NYE. BUT… the one that might take the cake for me is our opportunity to play b2b at OKEECHOBEE yoooo!… Or maybe it might be the secret tour stop we’re not talking about at the bottom of our tour poster ; )

Wreckno: Each show is surreal and special in its own way for sure. But I will say Okeechobee and the Black Box show definitely have, “Oh my god is this really happening. Pinch me!” vibes. One of my favorite moments from the tour hands down was on night 1 in Brooklyn…..I was getting down on stage and felt a tap on my shoulder. Turn around and Dorfex Bos (Angelo, a true angel) had come out to support. That is something that I’ll hold in my heart forever.

Super Future B2B Wreckno Okeechobee

Now that you’re both blowing up in bass, what underground artists do you think everyone should keep an eye out for? The artists that you listen to today and think “I need to keep stepping it up”.

Wreckno: This isn’t in a specific order or anything but here we go….Thelem, Ting, Call Me, Super Future (DUH), Psyoctave, Moniker, HumorMe, Kumarion, Oakk, Just John, NotLo….just to name a few.

Super Future: Oh man… this is never easy and I’ll probably miss people but here it goes… Matt Doe, SuperAve., Allen Mock, Molokai, Sully, Wreckno, Integrate, Moore Kismet, isoxo, MeSo. It’s kinda hard to say where the underground begins and ends… but I want to admit also that the whole Electric Hawk team of artists is full of underground heroes that will be making serious statements in the next year or so.

Nick, you tweeted “The #HYPERNATURAL EP that @wreckno and I are slavinggg over is most definitely a statement showing the world. WE HAVE ARRIVED AND THIS IS OUR SOUNDDDD! I haven’t heard anything like it before and we are crazy excited to share this with our people.” Can you describe that sound for people who might not know you just yet?

Super Future: The Hypernatural EP, like we touched on earlier, has a lot of sonic range but very potent energy. I wanted this EP to scream to people, “THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE WHEN YOU WALK INTO A SUPER FUTURE & WRECKNO PARTY!” Lot’s of music to just make you want to dance in that way that can feel a little ratchet.

The music combined with the lyrics is supposed to make you understand that when you see the two of us on tour or anywhere, it’s gonna feel pretty but you’re also headbanging… it’s slutty, yet empowering. Ratchet, but in the best, best, BEST way! I have a lot of depth to my overall music, but this is the part where you came to get the fuck down. All in our own unmistakable way 🙂

Brandon, you tweeted “Never let these men trick you into thinking you aren’t the f*cking baddest! I was in a relationship where I was told I would “never make it” and “never become anything special.” So glad I didn’t listen to that cuz look at me now!” What advice would you give to uninspired, unmotivated, or unsupported artists to help them continue their craft?

Wreckno: What I will say is that as confident as I can be on my good days, there are days where reality inverts and doubt creeps in. No matter where you’re at in life you can allow self-defeating mindsets to take over. Fear can paralyze you… It can keep you from becoming what you’re meant to become. I’m still learning so much about myself and about life. The further I go on this journey, the more I’m thankful that I never gave up. Even in some of my darkest times.

My advice to anyone that is feeling unmotivated or unsupported, is to try your best to tap into your PASSION. The thing about music or art or whatever you wanna do that makes your heart soar. Tap into that feeling and try to tune the rest of it out. The support will come when it is supposed to, and so will your ability to endure. More than you ever thought possible! I believe in you. <3

Super Future and Wreckno
Captured by Memorandum_media

It might be too soon to say “are you going to miss this?” because you both clearly have such great chemistry together out of mutual and artistic love. Can we expect another Super Future and Wreckno collab in the future?

Wreckno: Oh, he’s never getting rid of me after this lmaooooo! My good sis, Super Future, is STUCK WITH ME NOW.  But honestly, my bond with Nick is one of the most special I’ve come across when working in music. So you can definitely expect more of us together.

Super Future: We definitely will keep writing together. This is chemistry you can’t buy for a million dollars. And that should be tapped into often for the sake of good music! I found my favorite rapper to work with! I know we’ll remain good friends (he might even have a bigger friendship with my wife Ellie lmao!) And we will perform together more… Only time will tell if we make something big together like this in the future 🙂

These two are undoubtedly some of the vibrant souls and forward-thinking artists in the scene right now. With already making a huge statement in 2020 from this EP alone, the Electric Hawk Team wholeheartedly believes this is still only Chapter One of their story.

Stream Super Future and Wreckno Hypernatural EP below and check out their current tour dates of the year!

3/3 – Dubday – NYC
3/8 – Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, FL
3/10 – The Black Box – Denver, CO
3/13 – The White Mule – Columbia, SC
3/20 – Lamasco’s – Evansville, IN
3/21 – Mad Frog – Cincinnati, OH
4/26 – ??????
5/16 – ??????

Featured Image by eddywhitaker.

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