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Indiana just got about 6 inches of snow, but Teurnox is definitely bringing the heat with ‘Trouble Is About To Begin’ via Y.T.N. It’s like winter suddenly hit with a blink of an eye but Teurnox warms us right back up with the reggae vibes in the intro of his latest single.

This Northern Indiana native is no stranger to the weird and wonky music we all know and love. He’s shared the stage with names like Sully, Super Future, Dirt Monkey and many more.

Trouble Is About To Begin‘ starts off slow and vibey with soothing vocals laid over a reggae beat. The build up goes perfectly into some deep bass drops with trap style vocals to keep the heat coming. Following the drops, he brings us back to the reggae vibes to mellow it out until the end. This is the perfect song to manifest warmth in Indiana this time of year.

Listen To ‘Trouble Is About To Begin’ Here

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