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Through the darkest abyss in their travels through the different realms of the universe, Street Ritual shares their biggest artifact yet with their newest compilation, DISCOVERIES, released on February 16th. From their uncoverings and massive research out in the field, Street Ritual showcases the different elements of bass music with this compilation. For the intrigued explorer ready to uncover the secrets of this hollow world, these latest discoveries will dive deeper into your studies of the underground. So are you ready to bring to light what Street Ritual has to offer?

Street Ritual Discoveries Compilation
Artwork By: Seth Grym

Unearth the massive DISCOVERIES from the roster of talented artists!

As a student embarking on our biggest expedition through the cavernous world, our experienced guide Street Ritual shows no fear through the unknown territory and, naturally, with strong confidence in exploring the different realms of bass that reside in this world. DISCOVERIES is a hidden unknown that expands on the many different sectors without leaving any behind. For the hungry seekers we are, Street Ritual does not disappoint in its findings as we explore the abyss of this new world.

The tracks that we diagnosed will shatter your expectations!

Osyris press photo
Photo Credit: PHLLOW

Osyris – “Shadow Realm”

While our explorations brought us into the mysterious caverns of this world, we came upon obscurity in the shadows. This spine-chilling aura surrounds our whole body through the eerie introduction from Osyris. Following the chills that linger through our nerves, we feel the dark matter edge us closer into the darkness. And with a quick breath, we are suddenly absorbed into the blackness. Osyris unleashes a wrath that cannot be contained through her striking basslines and intricate sound design. “Shadow Realm” allows us to collapse into the hidden secrecy of our worlds and unravel the inner power that is waiting to be shown.

TrebleTina – “La Luna”

There is something magnificent when you stare at the moon on a different planet. Certainly, these are the best times for a night’s adventure through this foreign territory. TrebleTina fearlessly directs through the mountainous valleys as our eyes linger on the natural light above us. “La Luna” enchants us with a restless tendency to embrace the unknown of our surroundings. It allows us to feed into our curiosity as we seek our answers in the universe. TrebleTina delivers a fascinating charging track that explores the different elements of mystical, ominous, and grittiness. For the curious adventurer, all we have to do is look for “La Luna” and follow its guidance.

Ginseng x Grayskale – “Flat Tire”

Nevertheless, we do not encounter a loss in momentum when “Flat Tire” comes into rotation. Instead, the duo surrenders themselves while they showcase the fast pace and thrilling tempo of drum n bass. We are immediately given that sonic feeling of surging through the chaotic storm surrounding us as we try to shift through the debris and elements. This adrenaline builds among us until we find a small batch of safe haven. Then we encounter the massive aftershocks of grooves, chromatic synths, and halftime melodies. The duo astonishes us with an energizing track that only wants us to chase that excitement over and over again.

EOS x DELTAnine – “Carnelian Sigil”

Now comes the time to learn more about the mythos of what the underground has to offer in our discoveries. But for this moment, it may be in our best interest to sit down on the ground and place our hands on the cold planet. The duo instructs us to slowly lower our heart rate as we become in tune with the vibrations of energy bouncing from beneath us. “Carnelian Sigil” lets us realign our energy as we regain the confidence to take on the obstacles ahead. The abrasive synths throughout the chorus resuscitate us back into alignment and give us a renewed zest of life.

crowd photo of Yoko & VEIL
Photo Credit: Nathen Lane

VEIL x Yoko – “BAZAAR”

Finally comes a haunting favorite as we get hypnotized into the depths of the underground. Label owner VEIL and Electric Hawk’s Artist to Watch, Yoko, deliver a captivating track that lingers in our minds. Through the midst of the unknown domain, the vibrating ping-pong sonar leads us into a daze. The duo makes a statement with the wobbling synths and captures the soothingness that can come with the underground. “BAZAAR” gives us a magnetic and bewitching tone that continuously makes us want to sit down and fall into a trance. For a brief moment, they take complete control of our minds and send us down a spiral of hexes.

Street Ritual heightens our education with the range of DISCOVERIES in this compilation!

As the expedition ends, Street Ritual fulfills its course of showcasing the depths of the underground in bass music. Although there is a lot to uncover through the compilation, there is something for each kind of tastemaker. Whether it be the person who craves something more experimental with Wolf’d, Kahji, Lovelybones, Flora, or Incandescent tracks that get you wandering through different realms. Or the person who is yearning for something heavy and gritty like CØNTRA, Dublink, Blanck, SHUZ, or Criso tracks that awaken that chaotic energy from inside. Overall the mission of Street Ritual is evident as they highlight the extraordinary emergence of rising talent within the bass community.

DISCOVERIES tracklist image

Encounter the many DISCOVERIES with Street Ritual and their new compilation below!

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