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Sometimes a song will come around that truly moves you. A song that allows you to access all the aspects of your feelings. Dillard’s new track “Apart” off of his Afterlife LP is about as emotional as a tune can get. It is truly a masterful journey of meditative sound. The full LP drops on Street Ritual on March 5th. Electric Hawk got the chance to premiere it in all of its glory.

Dillard’s Blissful Sound Helps to Heal

You can tell immediately that “Apart” is going to be special. Dillard draws you in with a charming melody that sends a sense of warmth through the listener. It is the delightful type of music that is meant to soundtrack the rising of the sun. “Back to life” a voice whispers, as the journey Dillard’s sound begins.

These peaceful, meditative messages litter throughout. “Bring me to the Horizon,” whispers the mysterious voice, as Dillard begins to conduct his symphony of sounds towards its magical climax. Meanwhile, a faint vocal of a beautiful voice layers in the background, providing an additional level of wonder. “Breathe,” the voice whispers, a reminder from Dillard to relax, because everything will be okay. And it certainly feels as if that is the case when listening to “Apart.”

“Apart” by Dillard Is A Refreshing Listen For Our Minds

“A New Experience,” the voice whispers out, transitioning us flawlessly into “Apart’s” climax. From there, it is a non-stop journey of healing. Dillard combines the sound an exquisite piano riff over an affectionate baseline, with perfectly timed clicks adding to the near hypnotic-state “Apart” puts you in. The voice from the introduction is still there, but it is not as clear in what it is saying, which doesn’t seem to matter, as its mere presence helps stimulates the influx of emotions felt while listening.

Dillard paints the atmosphere of a colorful landscape perfectly. Using the sound of organic instruments and heartwarming vocals over a melodic baseline, an image of wonder sprouts itself in the listeners head. The whole journey feels as if you are resting on a cloud.

As soon as the first note strikes our eardrums, emotions flow through the body. It is the type of song that makes you want to hug your friends and tell them that you love them. I am not saying this sentiment lightly; “Apart” is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard in recent memory. With its perfectly paced flow, and the elements of different sounda, Dillard has created a masterpiece for the world.

dillard apart

But Wait… There’s More!

It is impossible to stop expressing how magical “Apart” is. But, what is truly amazing, is that it is only one of nine tracks on Dillard’s new Afterlife LP. The whole body of work is phenomenal, as Dillard reminds us, “slow down, sit back and sink in.” Make sure that you pre-save now, and don’t sleep on March 5th, when the full LP drops. Truly, we hope that “Apart” helps bring peace to all of you out there, as it did for us.

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