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Time to step fully into our own and create a place to express ourselves with Osyris and their newest single “Rage” featuring The Lyrik. The duo returns and connects to unleash an ominous but honest track of personal struggles and not having a way to release that anger. Until now this is your chance to let out your “rage” with Osyris and The Lyrik below!

Osyris and The Lyrik Press Photo
Photo Credit: P H L L O W

“Lyrik and I have been collaborating for some time now and we just understand each other’s artist vision and life in such a similar way. When we make music, we’re really good at making it personal and are able to compliment each other’s visions and articulate our thoughts so well. 

When I asked Lyrik to give me the first thoughts that came to his head when he was writing this song he said “When dealing with the complexities of everyday life, it can be a constant struggle for anyone to keep anger in check. We wanted to give people a song that allowed them to express that energy without actually physically whipping someone’s ass,” and I couldn’t agree with him more!”


Time for you to express your inner frustration with Osyris and The Lyrik!

Immediately, we are introduced to the heavy dynamic of The Lyrik and his vocals, which guide us through the inner frustrations we have inside of our bodies. This time we are fully escaping the “normal” rules of life and we are given the opportunity to express that chaotic energy that lingers within. Osyris throughout brings heavy and ominous tones as we enter this forbidden realm. Despite the darkness, the kinetic electricity feels healing as the duo offers a sanctuary to escape from the complexities of life. Although it may be a foreign concept in this realm, Osyris and The Lyrik give permission to let the frustrations break out.

Naturally, the duo creates a track that encapsulates the struggles we go through in everyday life. The idea of constantly having to compress that temper and putting on a persona that everything is “okay” to please everyone around us in interwoven into the music. Osyris and The Lyrik bring a track that says, “f*ck that.” Instead this is your opportunity to allow the outrage to break free. To release that dark energy that surrounds us in a natural way without having to set fire to people that don’t deserve it. Nonetheless, Osyris and The Lyrik invite anyone to let loose and just surrender that rage. Life is already hard enough why make it harder on yourself?

Feel your inner “Rage” build while you listen to it below!

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