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At the Wormhole Stage, the blazing heat of the midday California sun beats down on The Untz Festival. Meanwhile, bass rumbles in the distance at the main stage as Phers plays their set. On this occasion, my fellow editor Corie Odom and I sat down and spoke with the tantalizing duo, Integrate, for a live recorded interview.

live interview integrate
From left to right: VCTRE, Toni Nittolo (author), Corie Odom, Black Carl!.

The Integrate project is the synthesis of Birmingham-based producers Black Carl! and VCTRE. Together they combine contorted bass, haunting synths, and an industrial atmosphere to create the spectral Integrate sound. Much like chemists, Black Carl! and VCTRE combine the perfect ingredients to get an explosive reaction from listeners.

A clip from Integrate’s performance at The Untz Festival.

Their sonic synergy obviously parallels their interpersonal energy. Although their music echoes from the dark depths of Earth, this duo radiates carefree energy more akin to the sunshine we sat in. Their playfulness is palpable; these two seamlessly bounce off each other like evenly matched tennis players. During this live interview, Integrate tells us about their formation and shares their recent solo experiences. Most importantly, however, they showed us their genuine and unyielding bond.

Listen to our live interview with Integrate below, out now on our Electric Talk podcast!

Feature image of Integrate shot by Joe Create.

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