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Not to be redundant, but we are in love with tiedye ky’s debut album, Baby Blue and the Super Moon. Recently a fellow hawk, Hayden, spoke with Kyle for an exclusive interview that you can read here.

The vibes of Baby Blue and the Super Moon are impeccable.

While Hayden did more of a deep dive on the album, I wanted to take some time to highlight a few of my favorite tracks! As a newfound tiedye ky stan, this album might be a major highlight of my year.

“Over Again”
9 o’clock this morning. I turned this on during my morning drive for my first listen of the album. I was at an absolute loss for words and quite frankly, I still am. This track brought us the dreamiest vocals and guitar riffs we could ever ask for. The last track of the album is a live version from Undercarriage Recordings- take the time to listen; you won’t be disappointed.

“Never Cage a Butterfly”
Another beautiful track to kick off the album. This track gives us the same dreamy vibes as “Over Again” that make us feel like we’re on a cloud. Midway through the song we are graced with some experimental elements, almost Flume type vibes, to tye it all together.

“Living Right Now”
A beautiful track that was written the day of Pipus’ funeral. Kyle said in the interview he wrote it front to back that day. This is the type of track that plays in your head during those beautiful moments in life. Windows down on a sunny day type beat.

“Pipus and Wine/Life on a Loop”
Bring on the tears. The first half brings us a slow, somber freestyle from the late Pipus. The second half speeds back up for a totally different tempo. The two parts had been recorded on two separate occasions and talked about more in the recent interview with tiedye ky.

“Lunar Girl”
A collab with the extremely talented vocalist, Renee King, this track has us feeling like we’re in another dimension. Another very dreamy and vibey track that you’ve waited and waited for.

Listen to Baby Blue and the Super Moon here!

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