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Starting the year strong, Luzcid hits the road with his good friend Data_Byte on the Illusions tour, delivering a one-of-a-kind audio/visual experience to fans across the country. After being teased with heavy-hitting local support announcements over the last month, we had to get the details behind the Illusions tour. Before kicking off his tour in Atlanta on February 18th, we had the chance to dive into the A/V experience with Luzcid.

Luzcid at Area 15 in Las Vegas (shot by @saturatedsoul)

Khalila (Electric Hawk): First of all, I’ve been a long-term fan and follower since basically day one. How would you say your Luzcid project has transformed since then?

Luzcid: Thanks! It’s always awesome to hear people have been following the project that long! It took a really long time for me to find my sound. I’ve produced a ton of different styles, been around to witness the rise and fall of many musical trends. I think the biggest change is that, I’ve found my sound and have the confidence to produce art from a really genuine place; just writing what I want to write.

K: What about the recent Illusions EP sets it apart from your previous releases?

L: Illusions started from me going back to my roots musically and taking inspiration from the songs that originally got me interested in EDM. I feel like these songs flowed very naturally in the creative process, as this is a style I find myself most comfortable writing.

K: Since you mentioned the creative process, what do you do to get in the “zone?”

L: I love making a playlist of songs that really inspire me and [doing] deep-dive listening sessions. Then I will break the songs down to myself and decide what it is about them that I really enjoy. Then I will use that theme to start a song of my own.

K: Is Duke part of your creative process or does he just prefer cat walks?

L: Haha he is very much a part of the process. He loves sitting on my lap while I work. I only release songs if they get the Duke look of approval. 

Illusions tour Luzcid and cat
Luzcid and Duke (shot by @saturatedsoul)

The A/V Illusions tour experience

K: Let’s talk a bit about the Illusions tour. When and where is the first stop?

L: The first stop is on February 18th in Atlanta. I’ve been prepping like crazy, so I am incredibly anxious to get to test out all this new material. Especially in a city as energetic as Atlanta! Been playing there for years, and it’s always a blast.

K: What inspired the idea of holding a contest to fill your local support?

L: We knew I would be going out without a dedicated support on this tour, and one of my favorite parts of touring is the camaraderie. I wanted to figure out a way to bring out local talent and make them a part of the tour. One of my first big breaks as an artist was by winning a similar contest, in which I got to open at Webster Hall, NYC. I wanted to give the same opportunity to rising talent.

K: Diving into the visual aspect, what’s it like working with Data_Byte?

L: We’ve been friends for several years now and worked together on several shows, so when it came time to bring out a visual artist on tour, it was a no brainer of who to pick.

“I feel like that’s every artist’s dream, to go on tour with their best friends. I get to say that I’m living that dream with the Illusions tour.”

Illusions tour Luzcid data_byte
Luzcid and Data_Byte (shot by @saturatedsoul)

K: Other than being so close, what about Data_Byte’s work sparked interest in working on such a large project together?

L: His art really tells a story. It’s intricate and mind expanding; really makes you think. I feel like Data_Byte art is such a great combo with my music. I think it’s because we both come from a similar place artistically in our creations. We are deeply inspired by lore and epic stories. We love to tell stories of our own via art. It’s a perfect fit.

K: What are the inspirations behind building your sets?

L: I kind of touched on this in the last answer, so this is the perfect follow-up question! I live for stories. I’ve always been a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy, whether books or movies or video games; I love it all. I have always viewed my music as a kind of soundtrack to a sci-fi movie. Lots of pushing and pulling of emotion; love, sorrow, triumph. I think it’s important to touch on all of these emotions in a set just like a good story does.

“I get inspired by so many different places. I think mostly, anything that evokes a heavy emotion is really inspiring for me. Then, trying to get people to feel those same emotions by listening to my music.”   


Home run at Meow Wolf, Denver

K: To close things up, (without offending anyone) do you have a favorite city you’re excited to stop at while touring?

L: This is really tough. At this point, I’ve been touring for so long that I have really good friends in every city, and that really makes every city special to me.  But, I will say I am incredibly excited for Meow Wolf in Denver! I think the venue is the perfect setting for the vibe I want to portray with this tour. Combined with Data_Byte’s visuals, this is going to be a home run show. Also Colorado is awesome ’cause I can get away with playing the super weird, vibe-y stuff.

Catch Luzcid and Data_Byte on the Illusions tour in a city near you!

Illusions tour Luzcid poster

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