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It’s happening! The mysterious Jade Cicada has just announced his return to Brooklyn’s King’s Theatre and he isn’t alone!

Coming with Jade is a fully stacked 2-day event.

You have Detox Unit headlining day 1. Supporting him will be Resonant Language, Navigatorz, Schmoop, and McNulty.

Then for day 2, we have Mickman, Keota, Smigonaut, and Malakai supporting with Jade closing out the night. All I can say is, whew!

This event comes after his unfortunate cancellation of ‘The Caverns‘ event due to Covid-19 and I’m pretty sure this more than makes up for it!

This lineup is fully stacked with support from other producers, as well as VJs! Yup, you’re reading that correctly. Prepare to get your faces melted by Fractled Visions, Anti-Alias, ZiP Visuals, Tenorless, DR01D Visuals, and The Void.

More details are yet to come regarding pre-sale links/tickets for Jade Cicada at King’s Theatre…

So, put those notifications on and check back with us early next week so we can all go together like a family! To say we’re excited over here is a huge understatement. If you went to the last King’s Theatre show, dubbed “Tipsgiving,” you know what we’re all in for. The show was so legendary, Jade Cicada’s mother blogged about it and how proud she was to see all his support. I love that.

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