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This weekend’s vibes are brought to you by 92elm. “Hesitation” is the lead single from the forthcoming 5-track Patience EP. It’s also the perfect sample of what’s in store for fans and highlights just how many tricks 92elm has up his sleeve.

Not only is this man wearing his audio engineering hat, but also his songwriting hat AND vocalist hat. 92elm, honey, we are all really worried about you, with so many hats on your head…is your neck hurting? Talent overflows from every edge, and 92elm embraces it effortlessly.

I’ve been nervous to share this new music because it features my vocals in a more bare way than before. I’m still exploring & getting comfortable with my voice, but I enjoy how it opens up new paths of creativity, and will keep building on that.

via 92elm’s Instagram

“Hesitation” is an unpredictable and fun adventure. Electro-pop melodies and soft vocals (done by 92elm himself) work together like yin and yang. Making you almost frustrated you don’t know all the words yet and can’t sing along. As if we aren’t already hooked, the track takes a turn into a fun bouncy beat that’s sure to be stuck in your head all weekend long. * Insert me making a corny joke about how you shouldn’t hesitate to listen to “Hesitation” *

Also keep your eyes peeled for the full EP dropping on January 29th!

Stream “Hesitation” now

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