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Cozway drops a new four-song EP titled Expedition. Out today via Deadbeats, this collection is a perfect showcase of talent, and versatility.

Photo: Trevor Wong

If you haven’t heard of Cozway yet, it’s about time you did. Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, this bright young talent is unlike anything you’ve heard before. With influences rooted in trap music, Cozway has gained support from countless industry greats like RL Grime, and NGHTMRE. He’s performed at festivals such as Lightning in a Bottle, and Wobbleland. Overall, the kid is a freight train, and we suggest you hop on board.

“Camouflage” (feat. Laura Hahn)

The first release of this EP, “Camouflage,” dropped April 22nd, and it’s been on repeat since. After an eerie intro, velvet vocals from Laura Hahn melt you away like ice cream on a summer day. Trap drum kits hit hard and drop into intricately syncopated synths. As said on Electric Talk, “Camouflage” serves as the perfect fire-starter.

“Expedition” feat. DJ Ride

The title track to this EP is strong. This collaborative effort with DJ Ride pushes Cozway’s sound design to new levels. Tribal vocal sampling layers over bouncy hi-hat patterns to support a drop with experimental influences. Synths and bass are chopped up fine, and rolled into this joint effort for a perfect smoke. The constant state of motion here, consequently creates a tune that gets better with every drop. Just wait for around the 2:30 mark.

“Go To Waste” feat. Bijou Dream

Bijou Dream supports this track with beautifully ominous vocals. This stop on your Expedition starts slow, but only temporarily. The drops are a mix of synth and bass sampling that’s quick to impress. The sound design of this track overall is really something to marvel over. Cozway’s drum sequences are always on point- a talent that’s on full display here.

“Wrong Turn”

The final stop on the Expedition EP is a solo effort. With the spotlight on him, Cozway delivers an absolute trap banger. If this turn is wrong, I don’t wanna be right. Wet sound samples and growling basslines wrap this EP up like the perfect gift for family and loved ones this holiday season. Trap music is an art form, and Cozway is an expert. Expedition will be one for the books.

Listen to Cozway’s Expedition EP below, and support your favorite creatives:

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