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There’s a new artist making waves through the electronic community who has seized our attention and most certainly our curiosity: Tripp St. With sounds that resemble an intricate cross between Pretty Lights, Tipper, Jade Cicada, and Clozee, this mysterious artist has given us a taste from that sweet place of music nostalgia and transported us back into the present day with a revolutionary sound – and we are eager for more.

Their debut release, Welcome to Tripp St., was released last month as a 47 minute mix containing all original music and remixes full of hip hop samples, experimental dubstep, and dreamy electronic goodness. This blend of genres and sounds has us pretty excited to see what they do next. The combination of many different styles together so seamlessly is pretty mind bending to listen to.

Welcome to Tripp St.

So far nothing is known about the illusive character or where exactly this artist came from. Rumors have been circling that it is the side project of a larger artist, while others speculate the artist has been Tripp St. since birth. However, what is clear with all the genre bending going on is that this artist is not new to producing.

There have been rumblings of a debut album coming soon. No official confirmations have been made yet, but we can tell you we are waiting with excitement and curiosity for what comes next.

Stream Welcome to Tripp St. here!

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