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You might know Quality Good Records for producing some of the best trap bangers in the game (But what more can you expect from the living legend, UZ?). Well just in time for summer, the label is coming out with a new series called Quality Vibes. Two french producers, ELK and Chris Dogzout, kick things off with “Omelet” and we’re stoked to see what comes next.

What can we expect from Quality Vibes?

These tracks still have the same swagger you’d expect from QGR, but with a subtle more “vibey” twist that will cater to new audiences and our QGR faithful alike. We are very excited for you to hear the Quality Vibes we have lined up!

Mouna Dif
Label Manager, Quality Goods Records

Omelet you listen to the track, but first, we just have to say that “Omelet” is the perfect start to this series. The track sticks to QGR’s trap roots, of course, but the spotlight is absolutely on its melodic instrumentals. Don’t get us wrong, it still goes hard—in a “this is the soundtrack while I’m walking through an ethereal, haunting forest,” kind of way.

If one thing’s for sure, “Omelet” showcases both of the beatmakers’ talents. ELK is known for his moody beats and Chris Dogzout has a background in playing strings and percussion.

This is just the beginning. Mounda Dif also expressed, “We want to showcase the handful of artists and producers making forward-thinking music that emphasizes melody and storytelling.” We’re definitely hyped to see what comes out of this series next.

Listen to ELK and Chris Dogzout “Omelet” here:

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