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Reigning from Auckland, New Zealand, dance music artist, Ian Munro has been making phenomenal strides in the music scene. Since his debut EP ‘Stay Lit’ on Quality Goods Records in 2016, Ian Munro has kept our attention. The title track on ‘Stay Lit’ made a spot into Spotify’s USA Top 50 Viral chart. Additionally, he’s received support from heavily influential artists like Skrillex, Zeds Dead, and RL Grime.

To this day, Ian has never stopped pushing the envelope in sound design. Truly engulfing himself in the process, he released his passion project, Liminalthis last May. The 5 song EP brings you into a uniquely magical state of mind. The dream-like sounds brought to us in ‘Liminal’ were recently remixed, only to leave us in an absolute trance. 

“I hope this makes you feel something. This project was a super emotionally-driven project — and I knew the remixes had to be in that same vein to really exist within the ‘Liminal’ world. I honestly just chose people whose music I connect with on a more visceral level, and it all fell into place!”

Ian Munro on ‘Liminal (The Remixes)’ 2019

The ‘Liminal’ EP is born into a new life with remixes by CORTR, MICA, Serion, Rad Hatter, and nekolai. 

This breathtaking remix project starts with two varied remixes of “Murmur.” First, CORTR provides a heavier enticing energy, while still maintaining the enchanting vocals. Following in the next track, MICA expands on the acoustic build that takes you to another world, softly transcending into a dream. Giving you the feeling of deep euphoria throughout each and every cell in your body with a soft, refreshing end.  

Adding cinematic energy to that dream, Serion remixes “Rush.” This features beautiful and somewhat haunting vocals that blend effortlessly into soothing future bass.

Next, Rad Hatter brings hot, glitchy trap energy to “Without Me.” This remix takes a spicy turn while still preserving the heart-stirring, emotional energy of the original track.

Beautifully concluding ‘Liminal (The Remixes)’ is nekolai’s rendition of “Again, Again.” With a light and airy interpretation, this brings a very magical come down to the EP. 

With a shared passion for music, Ian Munro and friends pioneer a futuristic transcendent journey. 

“We just love good music. I think that support from the label was a huge catalyst for this package coming together with a bunch of amazing up and coming artists.” 

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