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You know what time it is!! Hopefully, by now everyone is gearing up for a well-deserved rest. Join us as we take a dive into this beautiful array of new music to kick off this wonderful weekend. It’s NEW MUSIC FRIDAY!!

Common Creation- “Gold Soul”

First up we have our very own, Common Creation providing an absolutely gorgeous electro-soul track. This man continues to level up his sound with one release after the next, fine-tuning the immaculate vibes. It is pure and luscious as the guitar riffs glisten over the spacey, golden beats. Just as you sink into the couch dazed by his euphoria, Common Creation completely flips the sunset vibes. We’re immediately transported to that memorable 2015 Adventure Club set with melodic dubstep drops pouring over us. “Gold Soul” is simply the appetizer to what is sure to be a delectable feast that you can catch in its entirety next Friday!

Gentlemens Club- Bones EP

Gentlemens Club is up next with a ridiculously, enormous EP release on Deadbeats. The Bones EP, is a versatile project that elevates their sound to another level with range all over the spectrum. From poppy vocals with melodic future bass to the grimey bass anthem “Inna Black” with MC Spyda, this project is sure to have something to satisfy everyone.

SLZRD- “Wickedest Stylee”

Big shoutouttt to SLZRD for blessing his fans with this absolute behemoth from his repertoire this week. To celebrate hitting 2k followers on Soundcloud, SLZRD dropped “Wickedest Stylee”. This track is a roller coaster of pure insanity. Each twist and turn presents a new bass drop that ranges across drum n bass, dubstep to trap. It’s certifiably hectic!!

barnacle boi- “1111”

You knew we couldn’t do a new music Friday without some new waveeee music. barnacle boi has graced us with a stunning new single, “1111”, that hits you in all the right feels. The infectious melody takes your emotions on a whirlwind as barnacle boi provides immaculate vibes whether it be late night or midafteroon.

The Lion King- “The Circle of Life” (Cōfresi Flip)

Next up, we have something incredibly unique from Cōfresi. Giving literally new life to the legendary The Lion King’s “The Circle of Life”, Cōfresi creates a raucous trap tune with hefty doses of drums that would have even Mufasa throwing up those trap arms. The track is accompanied by a live performance of the track that is simply remarkable. Check it out here!

Emancipator x 9 Theory- “Tangerine Sour”

Emancipator returns once again after an already accomplishing year that included his first studio album in 3 years as well as a full-length remix LP. Clearly wasting no time, the downtempo producer is back with former collaborator Theory 9 to release another project together, last in 2019. The two join forces to provide their first single “Tangerine Sour”, off the new project. A tranquil tune that continues to reinforce the duo on their thrones of chill. Another project we have our eyes set on for December.

Mersiv- “Bermuda’s Triangle”

As per usual, it’s been all gas no brakes for Mersiv since he’s entered the scene. These past few months have been no different with a plethora of new releases being dropped one after the next. Today Mersiv returns with “Bermuda Triangle” warping the bass to another sonic realm leaving us in utter confusion with our minds lost inside the devil’s triangle.

Bonobo and TEED- “6000 Ft.”

Bonobo x TEED are back with the second single off their recent collaborative EP. “6000 Ft.” showcases a side of Bonobo fans are much more acquainted with. While the first single was a four on the floor, disco fueled banger, “6000 Ft.” features serene textures and vibrant synths providing the perfect afterparty soundtrack.

Dirt Monkey x Amp Live- “Power of People”

Lastly, we finish off with Dirt Monkey x Amp Live providing us with an iconic dubstep chune, “Power of People”. While Amp Live provides the lively vocals amplifying the listeners to use their impactful voices. Dirt Monkey ensures the message is heard loud and clear with his signature brigade of wubs. Turn this tune upppp to kick that weekend off with a bass anthem that is incredibly thunderous and surely to make a major statement.


Happy new music Friday, and let us know what’s on your playlist for today, too!

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