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In current times of physical confinement, Emancipator provides a refreshing glimpse of hope with his new album. Mountain of Memory is the music equivalent of basking in the sun, energizing our soul. Through nostalgic soundscapes that make you feel one with all things natural. The second we heard this album in full, we already had the vinyl ready to go in our shopping cart.

Mountain of Memory marks the sixth studio album from the revered downtempo legend and his first since Baralku in 2017. A quintessential godfather to the calming electronic genre, Emanicaptor has worked tirelessly to perfect his latest artwork. Hunkering down in the vast woods of Portland, he has once again called upon nature to help transform tracks into immaculate soundscapes.

This collection of songs is expansive in its range of sounds while continuing to include many collaborative voices. If this body of work is a mountain, the recordings that comprise it are a geological archive of expression.

Emancipator via Instagram

“Alligator” kicks off the album. Emancipator wastes no time showcasing his miraculous ability to paint vivid imagery with the bow of his violin. The soothing string instruments take our mind on a mental vacation as we navigate ourselves away from turmoil for a few minutes. Find your paradise in these beautifully crafted sounds.

“Pollo Sneeps” immediately demands our full attention upon the first seconds. This song is downtempo meets R&B, and now we are practically begging Emancipator to link up the crooning Daniel Caesar. The chilled-out track seeps with rich drums bouncing along the dreamy pathway Emancipator has paved for us in our heads.

“Waxin” is sooo freakin groovy yet so delicate at the same time.

Once again, the violin plays with our heart as Emancipator delivers a miraculously, stunning melody. A silky guitar chord progression is laid down to set the mood. Meanwhile, piano keys are scattered throughout adding a little bit of that funky authenticity. This track will help ignite your mind and inspire endless possibilities.

“Blue Dream” is a real standout for us early on. This song is how I would describe psychedelics to the younger wook brother I never had. The mesmerizing vocals repeatedly echo a dream while the introduction of drums catapults you into a hazy state of mesmerization. Chimes and keys are brushed on to the track allowing your mind to further drift above the clouds into pure blue bliss.  

It is as if we’ve finally reached the peak of our journey and a little celebration is in order.

The vibe is quickly uplifted as more of the organic sounds make way for a heavy dosage of colorful production and bass. Tracks such as “Chiefin” and “Forged” elevate this album to a whole new level. “Chiefin” features Emancipator laying down gnarly riffs over twisted pitches and airy vocals. The track totally gives off early Pretty Lights feels with the warped instrumentals creating that fuzzy warmness around your mind.

“Forged” showcases Emancipator’s skillful ability to scratch. It goes without saying in the electronic community but if you can scratch, you’ve immediately earned our respect. The vibrant track utilizes distorted beats and vocal chops to blend along with some signature hip-hop snares. Adding his own flair, the producer flexes his scratching abilities to birth a thoughtful masterpiece.

“Snake and Ladders” is a very appropriate title as the track delivers a new adventure with every twist and turn. A wide concoction of worldly instruments are arranged throughout as they become your guide on this mystical endeavor. With the subtle hints of scratching scattered throughout, this tune is a one-way ticket to an exotic destination.

We wouldn’t want to give away too many surprises. So climb on in and set off on your expedition to the Mountain of Memory. This act of musical self-care will be one your thankful for. Be sure to check out the links to Emanicaptor’s socials below and his website here. Show some love in any way you can to support this wonderful artist’s music.

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