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The long-awaited release of “Death Club” by Gentlemen’s Club & Aweminus has finally arrived on Bassrush Records. The deadly duo bring the blood boiling bass to their already distinctively, destructive sounds. We truly don’t think anyone was ready for this one.

Gentlemen’s Club from left to right: Coffi (Lewis Pittham), Soloman (Saul Mountford), and 50 Carrot (Amani Haskins)

First on the track– Gentlemen’s Club. Grime and hip-hop influenced bass tracks are the UK boys recipe for their unique dubstep sound. “Death Club” is no exception. I went ahead and got the inside scoop from the group’s very own Saul Mountford, who goes by “Soloman”. When asked what the intended vibe of the hit would be, Soloman replied, “We wanted to give people that 2010-2011 vibe while paying homage to the 90’s rave scene”. In the 90’s, the rave theme was heavily driven by hardcore breakbeats, which have a high presence in “Death Club”.

Aweminus (Brandon Famini)

Aweminus packs the heat with his aggressively satisfying spin on dubstep. You can quite literally feel the riddim slap. “We initially started the project and instantly knew Aweminus would cause carnage using his expertise,” Soloman replied when asked what inspired the collab with Never Say Die’s Black Label artist. The combination of sounds in Gentlemen’s Club & Aweminus’ “Death Club” make this duo deadly.

Stream Gentlemen’s Club & Aweminus’ “Death Club” below, and let us know what you think:

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