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The wait is always worth it when Troyboi drops a single like “Mother Africa”. Especially one that pulls in African Diasporic sounds, blending them with energized bass as brilliantly as this one. Troyboi’s newest single, out now on Elysian Records, entangles African drum lines with deep grimy trap beats, and a story that is so uniquely his.

Was I clutching at my neck hoping he would grace us with an EP, or more? Yes. But am I disappointed? Never.

Troyboi dropping “Mother Africa” is a homage to his roots; part Nigerian, it’s no surprise that he would draw from his heritage in a rich way to produce this track. The deep vocal register of the opening immediately jolts energy into you. Subsequently, an auditory blossoming of bass and precise percussion follows; a reliable trait that makes Troyboi tracks so damn enjoyable. This is the track for you if you’re like me, a lover of Afrobeats & sounds from the continent being pulled more into “mainstream” music. Sounds and artists from the Diaspora have been showing up and showing out this year, and you TRULY love to see it.

The thing that always gets me about Troyboi as a producer is that the layered nature of his songs mirrors the history and layers of inspiration that he draws from. In “Mother Africa,” this is no different. We meet Troyboi at the intersection of his passion and his identity on this one, and somehow he always seems to marry the two with perfect balance. 

And if we weren’t already sold on the single, the producer is donating a portion of the proceeds for the track to Save the Children Africa. This organization is doing crucial work on the continent to vastly improve access to healthcare and education, while protecting children from rights issues like human trafficking, child labor, and more. It’s a beautiful blend of sonic bliss and purposeful effort, and is a great pick me up for the weekend. 

Check out the single, and watch the music video below and let us know what you think!

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