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“Esoteric Empire” is the first single from the upcoming EP, Digital Daydream, by Common Creation. After hearing this, July 23rd can’t come soon enough.

Listen… how many times do we have to tell you that Chris Teel, better known as Common Creation, can’t miss? Chris is a beloved artist on Electric Hawk Records. Our debut compilation album, In Harmony, wouldn’t have been the same without his addition to the track-list. His guest mix on Electric Hawk Radio is fatter than the deals during Chevy Truck Month. So our support for the Common Creation music project will only grow with time.

Playing a role and performing during our Funky Town rendition of Harmony Music Festival felt like a no-brainer. Teel’s way of blending psychedelic and experimental bass music with groovy jams and instrumentation is bar-none — proving this with his most recent EP, Manufactured Moments. His goal with MM was to “…capture the vibe of a counter-culture era psych-rock concert, re-imagined in the context of a modern dubstep performance.” And that is exactly what he did.

But after listening to “Esoteric Empire,” our collective beaks are fully erect at the thought of what this next project has in store for us. This track is literally madness. It’s a deep, dark, experimental heater with trap elements sprinkled on top. Guy Fieri himself couldn’t light a candle to this man’s skills in the beat kitchen, and I’m pretty sure he’s Christ reincarnated. The build is haunting. The drop is infectious. And the bass is loud, wonky, and aggressive. If the devil played major league baseball, this would be his walk-up song.

Listen to “Esoteric Empire” by Common Creation below, and don’t forget, Black Lives Matter:

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