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Ring Ring: A queen has entered the chat, and she has shared a very special project with us. Out now on Night Bass, Nostalgix has released her EP Act Out. Not only does the EP feature some dangerously hot house music, but the message behind its creation celebrates loving yourself for exactly who you are. We love to see it.

We’re nostalgic for nights out at the function with our friends over this new EP- it’s such a fun collection of music. If you’re a big AC Slater or Night Bass fan, Act Out is for you. Since turning it on, we haven’t been able to sit down.

Nostalgix shared that Act Out is a very special project for her, not just because of the meaning it has, but how the project came together. “I wrote, produced and rapped on the song “Act Out” and I worked with a few of my favourite artists and friends on the rest of the EP. I worked with AC Slater, Way and Makla to really bring my vision of Act Out to life.”

Act Out Nostalgix Electric Hawk
Photos from Instagram @Nostalgixmusic

A creative force with style straight out of a 90’s music video, Nostalgix’s talent was self-taught, and she started her career in Vancouver at 18. This year, we’ve seen her remix Bijou & Dr. Fresch’sWestside,” MNNR & Tombz’sWho’s She,” perform on live streams and drop mixes on radio shows, with releases through DND Records, Night Bass, DIM MAK Studios.

Without further ado, listen to Act Out and get the party started here.

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