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The alt-summer anthem of our childhood came back and is better than ever. SUNDRESS remixed the classic “Midnight City” by M83 and turned it into the chill house bop we only could’ve dreamed for.

So pack up your things and run away for a weekend!
Next stop: Midnight City!

The Soundcloud-exclusive remix has got the right energy rockin’. Chopping around the vocals for a funky bass line and some snappy drums, surrounded by bubbly synths – the track is seeping with good vibes. The duo is full of life and ready doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon.

“The ‘Midnight City’ flip came about when I was messing around with a Roland TB-03 Bassline Synthesizer and came up with the bassline you hear in the track, and then I just found myself thinking about that iconic vocal stab from ‘Midnight City’ and how it would sound layered with the snare. I combined the bassline with some drums and the original track and fleshed it out a bit, and then Jack [CAM aka] came up with that playful synth lead you hear on the second drop on analog equipment, his Korg MS-20, he had been using a lot.”

JVCKFROST of SUNDRESS to Electric Hawk

For those who don’t know, SUNDRESS is a new dance music producer duo out of Portland. The duo consists of two good friends JVCKFROST and CAM aka. The two both wanted to expand their music pursuits and styles and found that their strengths and weaknesses compliment each other nicely. After writing some music and meshing minds, they decided to band up together for the duo-project now called SUNDRESS, and we are excited to see what comes out of it!

SUNDRESS already has an EP in the making that was teased last week – we’ll have to keep an eye out for more.

Stream the SUNDRESS flip of “Midnight City” and start groovin’ here:

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