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We still have a lot of week ahead of us before the weekend. But this past Friday, Artless dropped their new track “Soul” and it’s made our week much better already. “Soul” is full of emotional piano and guitar rifts that build into soul-cleansing future bass drops. And these beautiful ingredients create a wholesome recipe for the Monday-blues.

*chefs kiss*

Artless kicks off the weekend with their new future bass track "Soul"
Photography by @browithdafro_joe

Artless Art

Contrary to what their name might suggest, Artless is an up-and-coming audio/visual duo creating some very artful music. Not only have they given us two great tracks so far with “Soul” and their first release “Eunoia“, co-produced with Artefact. But they are clearly having a blast doing the damn thing too. And that’s infectious.

And if that’s not enough, little easter eggs like the meaning of their first tracks name “Eunoia”, hint at artistic depth that we’re excited to watch flourish.

In rhetoric, eunoia is the goodwill a speaker cultivates between themself and their audience, a condition of receptivity.

– Artless (via artwork by Conor Crow)

Cleanse Your “Soul”

Their newest track, “Soul”, hits with its own unique depth. And it’s the future bass cleanse you never knew you needed. Until today. I know we’ve had it on repeat ever since first listening ourselves.

The soaring highs and ethereal melodies make you want to hug someone close to you while the BPM would have you dancing at the same time. And I can’t help but think about fireworks and streamers at the end of a big festival set when the final drop hits…

*Queue jumps of excitement and tears at another memory made*

Did someone say uwu?

And this one is special for Artless too. After working on the track for over a year, they finally found the right mix of guitar and synths to bring the track across the finish line.

We started Soul as a piano melody around February of 2019…

[This February], we finally found the perfect guitar melodies and synths to tie it all together…

For us, Soul has turned into a song about growth and sticking to what we love musically.

– Artless

But you get the point. Artless has found something special here with “Soul” and it just begs the exciting question: what’s next?

Go listen below and let ’em know you’re in your feels.

Connect With Artless

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