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Rome in Silver returns with the third and final single from his highly anticipated EP Like Lightning. “Fiore” is a soul cleanse… Come get y’all juice.

Vinny Pisciotta is no stranger to the electronic music scene, but Rome in Silver is where he’s found a home. I’m man enough to admit when I’m biased, but when it comes to Vinny, biased is an understatement. We love the Rome in Silver project over here at Electric Hawk. In fact, we love Vinny so much, he’s one of the artists performing at our very own forthcoming virtual music festival, Harmony.

So, we’re not surprised that he’s back again with more music to white sage our entire existence. He’s got it like that. With “Fiore” however, Vinny blends multiple genres, and gets creative with some experimental sampling. Releasing via bitbird, the label created by San Holo, this unique track jumps from ambient to DNB, then finishes at future-bass all within a minute.

Fast-paced drum fills and candy-crush vocal sampling makes you feel like you’re in Wreck-it Ralph; speeding your way to the finish line in the coveted Slaughter Race. The drop hits and transports you to another realm. “Fiore” is like a sensory deprivation tank with the way it makes you feel weightless. Each glitch feels like water-droplets onto the soul; echoing through the body like a church choir in an empty cathedral. To sum it up, the overall sound design of all these samples is truly something of skill, and genius.

Stream “Fiore” from Rome in Silver below, and support your favorite creatives:

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