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Sound the alarms! Maroc is back again with a heavy hitter, “Impact,” as an Electric Hawk Exclusive Premiere! Following his last release, A Hidden World, this track takes us back to his gritty dubstep roots.

Jamie Flynn realized he was passionate about producing after attending Camp Bisco in 2013. Fast forward to the present, and he’s making waves in the bass music scene with the Maroc project. His cheerful personality goes hand in hand with his lively performances at festivals, such as this year’s Sound Haven. Undoubtedly, the buzz around this new track is tangible, and EH is excited to give the first listen!

Prepare to transport into another dimension…

“Impact” is a banger that emulates the old-school dubstep sound but with a Maroc twist. Somehow, the contrasting melodic vocals paired with the hefty bass go together perfectly. Brace yourself as the intro accelerates and then explodes into a rowdy rhythm! The massive knocks will leave the listeners’ heads rattling… but in a good way.

Then, it gets even better in the second half when the chops are unleashed. The catchy lyrics and wiggling bass have a hypnotizing effect that will have this track on repeat. The experimental accents genuinely make it one of a kind.

Maroc press shot for Impact release

As can be seen, Maroc is working hard in the studio, and luckily the releases don’t stop here! “Impact” is a pleasant reminder of his traditional fiery sound that everyone’s grown to love. Whatever Maroc has on the horizon, whether it’s more of his classic style or something different, we’ll all be eagerly awaiting.

Check out “Impact” by Maroc below!

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