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While showing off his gentle side, Maroc impresses with a new EP, Hidden World. This two-track release is a testament to his range as a producer. Based out of New York, Jamie’s love for creating music began way back in 2017, and since then, it’s obvious how much his sound has grown. Between his energetic stage presence and passion for music, he is quickly becoming a well-known name in the underground. In short, the “Hidden World” EP is a refreshing glimpse into what Maroc brings to the table.

Hidden World EP by Maroc press shot taken by Connor Clouds
Maroc captured by Connor Clouds

Including a melodic DNB track as a treat, this EP is sublime

First on the EP is a groovy liquid drum and bass song titled “Distance. Delicate vocals create a soothing vibe while the infectious beat compels the listener to move. Then the second drop accelerates yet still maintains a pleasant ambiance. Secondly, is “Hidden World, a laid-back experimental bass ballad. For this one, Maroc collaborates with two other New York producers, BRELLA and Ecliptics! The mystical intro is a vibe and lures you in almost immediately. Likewise, this track does an excellent job of mixing a melodic tempo with some heavy wubs. This marks Maroc’s fourth EP, and we cannot wait for more!

Artists stepping out of their comfort zone to create something different is crucial, and we will die on this hill! In other words, music is constantly evolving, and the “Hidden World” EP is proof of Maroc’s versatility. As an artist on the Mean Mug Music roster, he has also landed releases on other admirable labels, such as Headband Society and Wavecraft Collective. Tune in to his socials because you won’t want to miss what Maroc does next!

Enter the ‘Hidden World’ below!

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