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With just a little pour of green chemicals into the beaker, Green Matter unleashes her latest nuclear single “React” which releases on July 7th. Straight from the labs, the uprising producer delivers us another energizing track ready to wreck our necks. Now ready to watch the chemicals synthesize and see how everything “reacts” altogether!

React Artwork
Artwork by: TINKA

From the start, “React” was one of my favorite projects I’ve ever worked on. This tune packed a heavy amount of energy and only hit harder with each new element introduced. I had a blast experimenting with the sound design and swift pace of the track. The vocals were the final addition to this project, bringing the track to life and tying the atmosphere together. I can’t wait to rock crowds with this tune at my upcoming festival sets.”

Green Matter

Green Matter brings a radioactive track with “React”

Green Matter Press

Welcome into the dark corners of the lab and watch Green Matter create a concoction. Nevertheless combining a mixture of “Chemical Green” and “Chemical Bass” into the beakers. As we eagerly watch the chemicals blend and behave with one another. Slowly, watching the bubbles begin to brew and a glow glisten through the glass. Now we are finally witnessing everything react together.

Immediately, “React” amplifies the magnitude of the room you are in. While building the electricity from the atmosphere flows through the course of our body, as the thundering bass and synths vibrate through us. Green Matter experiments with the idea of compacting the energy around us and patiently waiting for the right moment to unleash the chaos out into the universe. “React” is the song to put on full blast through any speaker. And if you are wanting a track to release all that energy that builds within you, Green Matter has the solution with “React.”

A thunderous rise coming for Green Matter for the rest of 2022!

Nonetheless, Green Matter continues to be a heavyweight producer within the dubstep scene and her presence is not going unnoticed. Earlier this summer, Excision announced Green Matter as one of his winners for the Bass Music initiative in 2022! The new program brings that extra financial push for artists to reach the next level in their careers. Along with the reward, Green Matter also has been invited to perform in two of the biggest bass-music festivals, Lost Lands and Bass Canyon later this Summer and Fall. While having the massive push from Excision, others have noticed the talent from Green Matter. A few weeks ago, premiering a single through Mersiv’s label MorFlo Records on the Reverberate compilation. After a massive EP release last year, Green Matter is making thunderous waves for herself and in the scene. Naturally, if you don’t already have Green Matter on your radar, now is the time to watch her make a sonic blast through the bass scene.

We want to see how you “React” to Green Matter’s newest single below!

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