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Authentic raw expression is something we crave as music listeners and creators alike, and the new single from helloworld, “see str8,” perfectly satiates that need. Out now on Monstercat, “see str8” is the perfect midnight drive soundtrack. You know, the type where you fully immerse and inundate yourself in the moment. Time feels like it stops, the world is still. Your mind is both clear and full to the brim, as you remember past friends and future lovers. Reminiscing on every meaningful experience that cultivates our humanity, all that matters is the music. 

Welcome to helloworld

With his relatively fresh emergence in the electronic music scene, helloworld already creates a force behind his name, developing a signature sound that combines unique sound production, emotional melodies, and ear-candy reminiscent of nostalgic video games. The LA-based artist continues to solidify his project with an incredibly strong and diverse discography, including features from Pauline Herr and an official Boombox Cartel remix. High-energy live performances, such as his 2022 EDC debut, pave the way for many more to come.

Image courtesy of Indigo Onyx Media

“’see str8′ is a special track to me because it’s much rawer than other stuff I’ve made. It’s important to me to make music that feels authentic to me, so this track showcases another side of helloworld – a more intimate and raw side.”


The Art of Songwriting

There is nothing quite like good songwriting.

When meaningful lyrics compliment the vibe of a song’s production, it is the most magical, synergistic expression of feeling and emotion. There is always something special to find within every helloworld release, and “see str8” is no different, as it taps into an extremely unique and personal connection between music and listener.

Image courtesy of Indigo Onyx Media

There is a candid simplicity to the track, with no unnecessary elements. A distinct specificity dictates the panning and spacial placement. Disarming, almost hypnotic guitar strums create a space for the honesty in his voice, words spilling out both soulfully and intentionally. A song like this is one you listen to, and wish you were the inspiration behind such raw expression.

Finally, We See Str8

The drop delivers a euphoric release. Acting almost as a call and response, it artfully fulfills the same energy that the song’s writing and verse instrumentation call for. As a melodic timekeeper plays off of the chords, distorted kicks and signature helloworld fills and glitches delight our ears, while rich, warm vocals glide over the beat. There is no shame in pressing the replay button on this one, and we know you will.

Both multi-talented and multi-faceted, helloworld is a must-add to your release radar. Diversify your playlists and keep an eye out for what this year has in store for the talented budding artist.

Stream “see str8” by helloworld now!

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