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Our apologies here, but our panties are absolutely ruined. Guilt Chip and SUAHN just released their Absolute Ruin EP on Wakaan, and it’s nothing short of a panty dropper. We’ve been anticipating this moment for quite some time. Since hearing the news of the project, our entire team has been hyped up and now you’ll get to see why.

This next EP (and my subsequent music) sounds the way it does because, after two years of paying attention to what’s been going on in modern electronic music, I said “I’m bored.” The pressure of wanting to make every song traditionally listenable was killing my creativity.

– Guilt Chip

Based out of lil Oklahoma, just like Wakaan, Guilt Chip has been producing music for an extremely long time. One of the things our team idolizes about him the most is his consecutive way of switching things up. This EP not only showcases his outer worldly talent. But also proves to us that he has several more tricks up his sleeve in the producing department. Rich in new sounds and advocacy for his signature tone, Guilt Chip was in fact not bored in the making of this project. Absolute Ruin highlights the Wakaan vibe and compliments Guilt Chip’s gnarly and suspenseful signature.

I’m proud and honored to have been working with Guilt Chip over the last year on something that I am truly elated over.

I am more proud of this than anything I have ever been a part of and I am so excited to finally share this with the world this week.


A true match made in Experimental Bass heaven

Guilt Chip and SUAHN have turned out to be the dynamic duo that we had no clue we needed. In fact, the two teaming up and utilizing their talent is what makes this EP so epic. SUAHN’s use of chaotically wonderful techno wubs mesh perfectly with Guilt Chip’s unique bass. So with a digital and futuristic feel from the start, these two producers are clearly living in 2055. In essence, the two brewed up four tracks of pure and absolute good vibes and heat.

Official hawk sources have stated that this claim is true.

Listen to Guilt Chip and SUAHN on Absolute Ruin below! Out Everywhere RIGHT NOW on Wakaan!

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