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The time has finally arrived everyone. Just in time for the holidays, SLANDER and Excision have given us the gift of their new single “Your Fault.” SLANDER and Excision teased fans with this collaboration while they went b2b at HiJinx Festival and it is everything we’ve ever wanted. 

SLANDER Excision Your Fault
SLANDER & Excision
HiJinx Music Festival
Photo: druf

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new anthem with “Your Fault.”

Projecting emotional lyricism mixed with bass and heavy drops, the SLANDER boys are known for their sub-genre of heaven trap. Even though their style is a dark and heavy mixture, listeners still feel uplifted and connected.  Currently known as the world’s dubstep king, Excision is famous for always unleashing heavy-hitting, metal crushing bass.

Just like every SLANDER release, listeners are pulled in by a vocalist who speaks of heartbreak or happiness. This time, we get to have the magnificent Elle Vee sing to us about a crippling relationship that was never our fault. Adding some flavor to the heartbreak, Excision SLAPS the heavy-hitting bass we all crave. The crooning synth melodies put Vee’s vocal work in the spotlight, while the subdued piano chords carry on the somber emotion throughout the breakdown. 

It is out now on Excision’s new label, Subsidia Records, so be sure to stream it down below. If y’all need me, I will be screaming at the top of my lungs.

Listen to “Your Fault” below – out now on Subsidia Records!

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