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“Sludgeware” is the latest masterpiece to bless our ears by GUILT CHIP. Releasing via, this one’s a bass/wave cocktail and I feel it Mr. Krabs.

Hailing from Oklahoma City, GUILT CHIP is a stunningly talented producer that fits no mold.

Constantly pushing his limits, this artist is a one-man-band with infinite range. Artists like Venetian Snares, and Oxygenfad, are responsible for shaping him into who he is today. But good friends like TYNAN, SUAHN, FALSE HERO, and P A T H, are responsible for who he will be in the future.

Boasting versatility and a strong work ethic, GUILT CHIP has plenty of content scheduled over the next few months. He’s sitting on singles, and collaborations with TYNAN, Allen Mock, and Herbalistek; as well as some of the friends mentioned above. And, if that wasn’t enough, they’re all various types of sub-genres and bpm’s.

Everything from hardcore riddim, to dnb, to more house, and even some acid techno. I’m not trying to get stuck in any particular genre and just experiment with weirdo sounds all over the place.


It takes tremendous knowledge to make music. But what’s more impressive? Making instruments. GUILT CHIP makes most of his tunes using circuit-bent hardware and synthesizers he built himself.

GUILT CHIP Sludgeware

“Sludgeware” is dirty, yet clean. The track begins with a wave-inspired synth that feels like a sample from 2048. A gurgling bass swarms to the forefront shortly after, building into a nasty drop. Bass fills the nervous system and leaves you distraught. The second drop destroys anything you had left. But around 2:13, things get even more interesting. The waves crash, transporting you back to the ambiance introduced in the beginning. Vocal samples layered over beautifully constructed synth arrangements warm the heart and get those synapses firing. Electric, is an understatement.

Stream “Sludgeware” by GUILT CHIP below, and support your favorite creatives:

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