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Josh Teed is a name you will want to know in the coming year and we are here to help. The multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer has teamed up with us for an exclusive Electric Hawk premiere of his latest offering, “Zero Gravity.”

Josh Teed Zero Gravity
Josh Teed – Zero Gravity Artwork

The eager producer has been making a name for himself in the bass world recently and we cannot be more in support of him! Teed creates his signature, dimensional sound by weaving live violin, didgeridoo (a wind instrument), and an analogue synthesizer into his electronic production. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking his music is not mind-blowingly heavy, because it is. The result of this combination is a sound that is pleasing to the ear and uniquely his own! With artists who are creative like this, it can be hard to categorize their sound, but Josh Teed will not disappoint for your organic, ambient bass needs. You can get a taste of these forward-thinking sounds on his album Emergent, EP Deviation, and now his most recent track, “Zero Gravity.”

From the moment you press play on “Zero Gravity,” Josh Teed immerses you into a futuristic soundscape.

Filled to the brim with explosive bass, this track has simply blown us away. And, of course, it has the signature Josh Teed twist with plenty of violin melodies incorporated throughout. “Zero Gravity” feels as if it stops time for a moment. The intro vocal sample sets up the mysterious and supernatural mood for the track. As the track develops, it is clear that this is one of Teed’s more bass-heavy offerings. Meanwhile, he still manages to bring a sense of familiar calming.

“Zero Gravity” is one of our, and Teed’s, personal favorites.

Although the track is reminiscent of his prior work, Teed took on a new challenge while producing it. In short, I know I can speak for us all when I say his resilience paid off!

This track is special to me because I really pushed myself to craft as much of it as possible via analogue synthesis. It’s an idea I’ve been scratching the surface of for a long while, but this was my first attempt at fully diving in. I had no real expectations for how it would end up, but it turned out to be one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever made!

Josh Teed

Josh Teed has once again created a sonic journey with “Zero Gravity.” Be sure to stream it below and support this talented individual!

Keep up with Josh Teed:
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