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Floret Loret released his two-track Undulations EP through mau5trap on April 2. This Florida-based producer has a knack for synthesizing beautiful songs that convey complex emotions. Floret Loret expresses heavier feelings in the Undulations EP.

I wanted to channel a dark, emotional mood throughout the entire project,
making this feel like one big cohesive piece that is stuck in an endless loop.”

– Floret Loret

After dropping his debut Tangled Roots EP, Floret Loret caught the attention of several labels. Deadbeats, the first record label from Zeds Dead, released his sophomore EP, Secluded Garden. Furthermore, Bassrush Records delivered his third Prosper EP. Thus, it’s no surprise that mau5trap recognized the production prowess of Floret Loret and released Undulations. Like a chef, he naturally combines lush tones with gritty textures. Undulations is an example of his darker side as he shows vulnerability in these two tracks.

Track 1: “Into The Waters”

Opening Undulations is “Into The Waters.” From the beginning, there’s unquestionably an air of frustration in this track. It opens up driving, and smoothly ebbs and flows between stanzas. Grimy frequencies dominate while psychedelic flourishes flash in and out. Contrarily, lush synths breathe beauty into the track. Quavering, punchy sounds create an air of tension. Meanwhile, echoing harp riffs decorate the track. “Into The Waters” illustrates peaks and valleys of emotional distress because of these clashing characteristics. Indeed, it is an excellent showcase of how Floret Loret combines sinister and soft.

Track 2: “It Comes In Waves”

Following “Into The Waters” is “It Comes In Waves;” linking these two tracks is a seamless transition at the end of “Into The Waters.” However, this song takes on a different approach to the mood. In addition to a slow build-up, the introduction incorporates reverb for all samples. This creation of space inspires a melancholy mood. In contrast to “Into The Waters,” Floret Loret spans out his use of different sounds, emphasizing the introspective soundscape.

Pulsating bass patterns are joined by gritty tones and dark, bending synths. The listener can undoubtedly feel the depressed anger conveyed here. Meanwhile, the occasional flute fluttering enters, as well as a music box-esque twinkling pattern. These sounds cut through that deep resentment, and instead add in sorrow. Finally, while the listener recovers from the weight of this song, they can hear the beginning of “Into The Waters” once again as “It Comes In Waves” closes out. With this, Floret Loret intentionally emulates the loops one experiences when juggling truly shattering emotions.

floret loret undulations ep
Floret Loret performing at Okeechobee 2020, shot by Shane Hanson.

In the Undulations EP, Floret Loret doesn’t hold back with emotions most people might call negative. These two tracks are unabashedly vulnerable, but through this, they are very relatable. Everyone undergoes cycles of sadness or anger that seem bottomless; it’s a part of the human experience.

Support Floret Loret and listen to Undulations below, out now through mau5trap!

Cover art for Undulations by Ramón Ramos.

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