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Once again, Floret Loret captures listeners in his vivid imagination with his latest EP, In Maroon. Contained within these four tracks are vibrant images and stories from diving deep into a red sea. With In Maroon, Floret Loret weaves beauty and disarray into an aquatic tapestry.

floret loret in maroon def global
Floret Loret performing at DEF Global, shot by Alec Robertson.

Without fail, Floret Loret produces totally immersive narratives with his music. The two tracks on his Undulations EP looped seamlessly between another, cycling between dark psychedelia and melancholic bass. His collaboration with SISKA on “Hyclocereus” decorated delicate desert blooms with moonlight – and heartbreak.

Although Floret Loret grows a lush garden in much of his music, he’s no stranger to summoning kaleidoscopic darkness. Electric Hawk saw this firsthand with our release of “Osprey,” his robotically percussive collaboration with Low Poly. Now, with the November 17 release of In Maroon, listeners can explore all aspects of Floret Loret’s sound while floating through an undersea setting.

In Maroon begins. Sunlight rays glow beneath the surface of this red-tinted sea.

floret loret in maroon
Cover art for In Maroon designed by ASMU.

“Submerged” opens up the EP with synths of sunshine dancing beneath the ocean surface. Immersed in the water, the swimmer moves awe-inspired by their aquatic environment. Fueled by playful curiosity, they flow and glide through the wondrous red seawater.

Following this is “Blackbox Jellyfish,” likely named for the highly-poisonous box jellyfish that lurk near Australia. As the protagonist swims, the currents curling through their hair suddenly run cold. Floret Loret illustrates distress with pulsating, water-muffled samples, and industrial groans. While weaving through rocks, darkness is laced with danger; the unknown induces paranoia. Floret Loret uses eerie, metallic sounds to capture the frantic energy.

Floret Loret has more tales to tell as In Maroon continues on.

floret loret in maroon fishhop

“FishHop” casts a mischievous light on In Maroon. The bouncy percussive rhythm crisscrosses like a school of fish casually twirling through the water. The swimmer observes the interactions within this brightly-colored community. Prankish behavior, and dashes of color chasing each other through kelp and rocks.

Floret Loret closes out In Maroon with “Depths.” This track glitters with twinkling sounds, although they are occasionally punctuated by dark psychedelic bass grows. The celestial synthesizers gently glimmer like stars amid refracted rays of moonlight. Ocean water flows calmly around the swimmer, lulling them into a peaceful state for introspection.

In Maroon is another enticing narrative synthesized by Floret Loret. He mesmerizes his audience yet again, this time plunging deep into a marine-influenced soundscape. With his evocative sound design and rich imagination, Floret Loret continues to raise the bar for himself and his peers.

Dive into Floret Loret’s latest chronicle, In Maroon, below!

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