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November is shaping up to be a month of blessings, great news, and wonderful music. On Friday, Floret Loret released his new EP, Prosper, through Bassrush Records. One of our favorite tracks, “Melted Lavender,” showcases a beautiful new Floret Loret sound.

“Melted Lavender” opens with a wondrous aura that opts for melodic textures and finishes with some industrial bass. Noting that this set of songs are a step toward a new direction for his sound, the producer wrote “Melted Lavender” with the intent to push the EP further with more experimentation. Believe us when we tell you, he delivered.

Each time Floret Loret creates, he does so with the intent to instill a positive momentum in those who use music to connect and grow from both the good and the bad. Prosper is a tool to help us transform and blossom from all that we’ve experienced this year.

“I really loved the melody throughout the entire tune and kept building on it. I wanted to make something more exciting for the second half, so that deep gritty bass was perfect.”

– Floret Loret on “Melted Lavender”

Floret Loret has struck a divine balance creating art that navigates both melodic and experimental bass production.

On his debut EP, Tangled Roots, as well as his follow up, Secluded Gardens, Floret Loret demonstrates his blend of emotional soundscapes and unique experimental energy. You can hear this in his early reworks of the contrasting remix of Ivy Lab’sJagged Roots,” the beautiful collaboration with Zeds Dead, “Reason,” and now, with Prosper.

Floret Loret continues to impress longtime fans and listeners with each new release, but Prosper gives us something new and delivers that vigor to Bassrush’s broader audience. With an intention to create in the long term for art seekers, this EP sets the pace for what we should expect from him for years to come.

Listen to “Melted Lavender” and the new Prosper EP here:

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