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Floret Loret and SISKA capture an unusual beauty in their collaboration, “Hylocereus.” These two artists synergistically combine their sounds in “Hylocereus,” released on May 7.

SISKA and I have been friends for a while. We met through our mutual friends online but have been following each other’s music for quite some time. We started working on this tune in the beginning of 2021 when SISKA sent over a demo. I really loved the melody and started building around that.

– Floret Loret

Recently, Floret Loret celebrated the release of his EP, “Undulations,” on mau5trap; this is not the first of his major label releases, but it won’t be the last, indeed. Although his distinct sound shines on its own, he also smashes collaborations. Not only did he release “Wisteria” with Bonsai Collective and Denali Records CEO capshun, but he joined forces with Zeds Dead for “Reason,” as well. SISKA shares the ability to shine in collaborations while also highlighting the sound of the other artist. He utilizes his talents in both “Foxfire” with Saka and “Lethal” with MOLOKAI. Together, Floret Loret and SISKA create an imagery-fueled soundscape in “Hylocereus.”

Floret Loret and SISKA illustrate imagery surrounding the curious flower, “Hylocereus.”

Night has fallen somewhere in Earth’s tropics. The white flower of the night-blooming cactus catches your eye. Growing off a long, tendril-like cactus, you’re compelled to stop and admire this bright blossom. The white petals shine in the moonlight. Floret Loret and SISKA create a sense of contentment in “Hylocereus.” Their shared ability to produce enwrapping soundscapes truly comes through.

We decided on the name “Hylocereus” after a plant called the night-blooming cactus. They only bloom at night and die in the morning, but they produce edible pitayas (dragonfruit).


The two artists use complementary sounds to emulate contentment. Synthesizers breathe and twinkle and overly a cruising melody. “Hylocereus” sounds like a gently euphoric moment. Once again, Floret Loret and SISKA show how they both balance and shine in collaborations.

You smile at this intriguing blossom, knowing that it soon will yield delicious fruit. Inhaling the humid summer air, you turn and look at the twinkling stars above. It’s a beautiful night.

Enjoy “Hylocereus” below!

Cover art by asmu.

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