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On par with the stream of amazing Deadbeats label releases this year, Floret Loret blends the dark sounds of contorted bass with light, atmospheric soundscapes to reveal his stunning five-track EP, “Secluded Garden.”

“‘Secluded Garden’ is the second chapter. I wanted to create my own fictional garden of flowers, trees, and plants; whilst giving it a unique soundtrack. The project features some new experimental takes on my sound, creating tones on a darker perspective and mixing it with a familiar melodic sound.

I want you to imagine that you’re in an exotic garden, but there’s something haunted and mysterious about it. Hopefully this EP will paint a picture for you.”

Floret Loret

And sure enough, this EP does exactly that and more. Taking a step forward from his “Tangled Roots” EP released earlier this year, “Secluded Garden” has the same nostalgic melancholy to it, but now feels like you’re dipping your toes into the deep, unknown waters of experimental bass for the first time. It’s something that takes you on a journey and tells you a story through the cohesive and beautiful combination of nature, sound, and emotion.

Lionforce Media

“This EP features a different take on my sound and style. It shows a dark yet familiar tone from my previous projects. “Red Smoke” is the opening track, marching you into a weird and eerie sonic experience.”

Floret Loret

“Indigo Leaves” is the perfect juxtaposition. Dripping in other-worldly, mesmerizing synths, yet complimented by ominous, pulsing drums, it somehow takes you out of reality and straight into “Botanical Labyrinth,” leading you on a twisting and turning maze of intricate sound design through an organic wonderland.

Transitioning into the second half, “Magenta Petals” is heavy, hypnotic, and ambient. He finalizes the EP with “Sage.” Filled with rich, warm tones and a much softer melody than the other tracks, it exemplifies the true diversity that Floret Loret is capable of within his own unique style. All in all, “Secluded Garden” is a work of art that allows listeners to briefly escape from reality and venture into the alluring, lush environment Floret Loret illustrates. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing lots more of him.

To hear more music from Floret Loret himself and artists he draws inspiration from, be sure to check out his “Floret Loret Garden Playlist” updated bi-weekly on Spotify.

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