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Acrillics and Hontis really said trap music will never die. “Dragonfire” is releasing as a Tribal Trap exclusive… and the song lives up to the Tribal Trap standards. Flutes, horns, boomin 808’s — you name it, this song has got it. Now let’s dive into the bells and whistles of the trap anthem “Dragonfire.”

Trap music has horns, horns everywhere (I’m not making a horny or cum joke, I promise.) However, Acrillics and Hontis replace the typical horn with a flute because flutes are f’n sick in trap songs, @ us if you disagree. And with the increased presence of the instrument, it makes the chorus and bass drops all the more unique.

Starting from the top we get those eerie fireside vibes with chimes and flutes.

They raise it up with a more trappy sounding flute, I’ll call it trappy flute, and we hear it from the buildup all the way to the drop. Now, this drop will make you extend your trap arms like Mr. Fantastic. There’s a huge presence from the trappy flute as the lead along with several horns, a boomin background bass, and a load of percussion. Toss in some violins, more creepy bass undertones, a few more horns, and you got yourself “Dragonfire.”

This ain’t Acrillics first trap banger rodeo, though. With sensational releases on Mad Zoo and Noiseprn releasing several bangers such as “Tweakin” and “Vault”… Acrillics is only building onto an already stacked resume. On the other hand, Canadian bad boy Hontis will blow your mind with his tunes, remixing several songs from huge trap artists like RL Grime and Boombox Cartel. But his OG’s… man, “Stims” and “Don’t Let Me Down” are some of the wonderful musical creations you can find on his SoundCloud.

Now I’m gonna take a cold glass of hot dog water and enjoy “Dragonfire” on my comfy twin-sized bed.

Listen to Dragonfire by Acrillics and Hontis below!

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