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Allow your mind to enter Reverence. A serene palace isolated far away from the chaos of society. Take a voyage with Cloudchord as he provides the luscious, downtempo rhythms to guide you on this trip. Utilizing acoustic sounds, Cloudchord unplugs, and creates a musical expression that feels like a drifting journey inwards.

The Austin-based producer has a knack for turning simplicity into something remarkably innovative and exciting. Providing a new take on modern electronic music, Cloudchord has been able to fluidly mend his superb guitar skills. Formulating out of this world, euphoric melodies are his specialty. Groovy riffs are laid down while the producer reshapes beats into chilled out mindscapes. With such success already from numerous EPs such as Attunement, Koi Pond, Imprint & his latest Taken By The Sky, Cloudchord provides the latest twist on his sound. Allow your mind to unfold as you press play and enter Cloudchord’s latest voyage. It‘s safe to say that this man is unstoppable.

The Reverence EP offers a lighter side to Cloudchord that we haven’t seen in a little bit.

Stripping his tracks down to his core roots, the artist generates pure bliss letting his string instruments do the talking. The project begins with “Soul Offer” featuring his buddies Soul Horns, formerly known as Soul Food Horns. Throughout the project, Cloudchord connects with the collective from Austin as the group seems to have great synergy between them. We’re definitely going to require another project from this fusion. The simple guitar riffs gently intertwine with vibrant flutes and expressive horns. The serene vibes set the tempo for a remarkable exploration of harmony. 

Have You Seen Her” is breezy and blissful. It’s an effortless tune that is simultaneously complex. Self-described as his “lo-fi tropical ukulele stoner jam”, this one felt like a best friend embodied in a song. If you’re feeling the effects of being glued to your couch, Cloudchord’s ukulele will lift you as all of your aches melt away. This song inspires an otherworldly feeling, as you lift further off Earth and into your daydream. Shades of blue sky surround you as you continue to find yourself in this one.

A Hui Hou” features another frequent collaborator in Dirtwire.

Like Soul Horns, Dirtwire is comprised of a unique band using unique instruments to compose their sound. Cloudchord and Dirtwire have noticeably similar raw energies in their worldly sounds. The two simply create experimental music, invoking magic out of their instruments. Worldly elements are presented through a beautiful harp that strums alongside Cloudchord’s riffs of his own.

Cherish” begins with an incredibly nostalgic riff, these memories are immediately uplifted by Soul Horns doing their funky thang once again. Bringing in some comforting horns we can’t help but feel a warmness forming in our chest and a smile on our face. Cloudchord seamlessly awakens emotions of gratification and elation on this tune. Bringing us a sense of wellness and abundance, we are ever thankful for this one.

The rest of the Reverence EP features an assortment of meditative tracks ranging from triphop, jazz, funk, lo-fi, & acoustic.

On “SlippersKaravelo joins Cloudchord who executes his genius sampling as the pair chop this track into a jazzy lullable that’ll soothe your brain. “Nowhere Fast” is just what the doctor ordered for those jazz blues. An epic outro with triumphant horns and silky piano keys that’ll allow you to take a breath of clarity. While “Brighton Falls” continues to transcend the self-proclaimed Lofi Bach. He wields overlaying acoustic guitars to create an everlasting waterfall of radiant strings. Somehow once again, Cloudchord masterfully creates a dense narrative for us in such a limited selection of tunes.

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Featured Photo: Cole Jones (Pivotal Agency)

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