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Tetranauts, the group of up and coming underground bass invaders, have released their latest single “Mind Over Mind.” This single has, in fact, blown our minds. The track features a plethora of other-dimensional and experimental sounds. 

Detroit based Tetranauts are making their presence known in the bass community. They produce music that’s far from conventional and all original. This year alone they’ve certainly been on a roll of releasing heavy-hitting bass bangers, dropping a new track every month so far.

Now, more than ever before it’s important for you to do your (p)art. Through these hard times, we must continue to life each other up.

Tetranauts via Instagram

“Mind Over Mind” really did THAT.

Wasting absolutely no time getting into the snares and quick chops, “Mind Over Mind” has the dreamiest lil’ intro. A warped vocal sample leads us right into a drop that makes you feel like you’re traveling through space and time.

Each second of this track seems to add a new element to the overall sound. The last minute of this track alone, is just, quite literally…gas. The production and sound design these boys showcase make it almost unbelievable that they haven’t blown up yet.

Check out the full track below and show the Tetranauts some lovings.

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