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Lookout 2020, Common Creation is coming in scorching hot and he is ready to make a massive impact on the bass scene. The producer reigning from Auburn, Alabama blends heavy yet funky basslines with hints of psychedelia to create a vivid listening experience.

The single follows up his stellar debut EP, Manufactured Moments, where he introduced his psychedelic, bass style to the masses. The four-track EP immediately showed the producer’s versatility. The EP showcased a mix of high-intensity bass tracks, downtempo mind shifters & experimental, groovy jams. On his latest track, it’s evident once again that he continues to explore fresh, new sounds and push his music to new boundaries.

Common Creation describes his final track of 2019 as a light of energy to get rid of the “Big Sad”. ‘Sunshine Rain’, which is an extremely fitting title, encapsulates that feeling perfectly. The song begins with hypnotizing, spacey beats over mellow guitar riffs. Trippy female vocals enter echoing over the beat allowing the cloudy, dreariness to set in. However, the clouds clear as an aggressive yet funky breakdown creates a powerful ray of light through the darkness. You’ll basically have no choice but to vibe out, sorry we didn’t make the rules.

The track continues to journey down a stream of one’s inner consciousness. The hallucinogenic, dreamy production is met head-on with funkadelic, dubby basslines that are simply riveting. We could not help but hear the influence of old school Pretty Lights & Big Gigantic when listening to this track.

We at Electric Hawk are extremely excited about what the future holds for Common Creation. His intricate production skills mixed with his musical capabilities are simply astonishing. At such a young age, we are more than confident that he will only continue to blow minds. So kick back and kiss your troubles goodbye to some ‘Sunshine Rain’. Stream the track below and be sure to follow him on socials to keep up with the latest.

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