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Is it hot in here??? Hotel Garuda gives us “Rush,” the second single off his upcoming debut EP. Ahem…cue the neon lights.

Life is weird right now, we truly all deserve to feel like we’re driving a hot pink exotic car in a high-speed chase Need For Speed style for five minutes and seven seconds. Luckily “Rush” gives us just that.

With spicy beats, futuristic sounds, and sexy distorted vocals to top it all off. If you say you didn’t catch a vibe listening to this track, you’re simply lying. Hotel Garuda uses ingredients of disco, house, and psych-rock to create the delicious sounds of “Rush,” which only tastes better each time you listen.

This single also features an epic visualizer thanks to 53npai, which perfectly embodies the way listening to this track makes you feel.

The thought of Hotel Garuda in the studio, knee-deep in sexy disco-house beats for this upcoming EP has us…hot.

Stream “Rush” by Hotel Garuda below.

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