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Bonsai Collective has officially announced a new label! Denali seeks to release harder electronic music, including bass, house, dnb, and more.

With a focus on the melodic side of electronic music, Bonsai Collective has been releasing top tier music since its inception in 2018. Now, the Bonsai team begins a new chapter with Denali.

Denali originates from the name of the tallest mountain in North America. This symbolizes the heavy, hard-hitting tracks we will release with the new label…. With Bonsai we focused on the melodic side of EDM and we’ve had to exclude some good music that didn’t fit the Bonsai sound. Now with Denali we can represent those harder-hitting tracks… We will continue to support both established and up and coming artists, with the quality of the music always being #1 for us. 

Sasha Rome

The three main curators for Bonsai and Denali are capshun, Sasha Rome & Afrosamuraiist, although the other roster members of Bonsai will be helping to support the new label as well.

Denali will release its first track on January 26 – and it’s a heater.

“Aethesis” from Muira marks release number one from the new label. Don’t miss the drop this Tuesday.

While Denali already has a number of releases ready for 2021, they are open to hearing what you have up your sleeve (or on your hard drive). Send your favorite hard-hitting demos to

Check out the sounds of Bonsai Collective here, and keep your eyes and ears open for future releases from Denali.

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Looking for new music? Keep up with our weekly Spotify Playlist, Fresh Hunts. Updated every Friday with all the latest releases. Whether it’s the newest drops from Denali, all your favorite artists, some old-school, or underground…we just want you to hear it.

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